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“Nur Yupek” announces New Year's campaign

“Nur Yupek” announces New Year's campaign

From 23rd to 30th December, a New Year promotion is taking place in “Nur Yupek” fabric stores.

It means that in any store of “Nur Yupek” fabric brands in Ashgabat and regions there are discounts for 10% on fabrics, and 20% - on dresses. 

It also should be mentioned that the purchase of the products of “Nur Yupek” brand will be cheaper via mobile app.

Besides, it is possible to acquire New year gift cards “Nur Yupek” and to present them to relatives. By using these cards you may purchase the fabric you liked in all “Nur Yupek” fabric stores. New Year gift cards are valid until the end of January.


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