Training on emotion management will be held in Ashgabat

Training on emotion management will be held in Ashgabat

Very few people really know how to manage their emotions. Such people are good at understanding and coping with their feelings, as well as good at understanding other people's emotions.

This training is for those who:

• he is aware that emotions control him, not the other way around;
• understands that emotions do not allow you to build a harmonious relationship and a successful career;
• it's difficult to Express your feelings;
• wants to learn to understand other people;
• often experiencing stress and not always successfully copes with it;
• wants to learn to be positive about yourself and people;
• strives to adapt easily and quickly to new conditions;
• wants to get real pleasure from life.

During the training, you will be able to:

• Determine your level of emotional intelligence;
• Learn to recognize and be aware of your own and other people's emotions;
• Find individual strategies to increase motivation;
• Establish and maintain positive, constructive interpersonal communication;
• Learn how to manage stress effectively;
• Identify and overcome conflicts;
• Discover and understand the possible causes of inefficiency at work, in your personal life, and reach your potential;
• Learn to manage yourself, emotions, States, and internal dialogue.

The main speaker will be Lora Iskandaryan, a certified specialist in conducting trainings and webinars on business and personal growth.

Training date: December 5 from 14:00 to 16:00.

Participation in the training is paid.

You can sign up for the training by phone:

+993 12 46-81-65

+993 61 34-93-58

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