Giant cucumber grew up on the plot of a Turkmen farmer

Giant cucumber grew up on the plot of a Turkmen farmer

Hemra Babayev, a 69-year-old resident of Sayat in Lebap province, has grown a giant cucumber, Jeyhun News reports.

Actually, only 3 unusual cucumbers have grown. The weight of one of them reached 27 kg 134 g, its length is 96 cm, and its girth is 85 cm. The second cucumber weighs 21 kg, and the third farmer did not even weigh it.

With his wife Zohre Babayeva, they rented 20 acres of land, concluding an agreement with the Sayat etrap maintenance Department to restore the orchard.

Now the family receives a good harvest from the site, more than 100 trees of different varieties bear fruit here: pear, cherry, Fig, apricot, plum, cherry.

Between the trees, the farmer has set up a vegetable garden, where he also grows tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, and strawberries. Manure from livestock is used to fertilize the land.

Hemra Babayev's unusual cucumber grew on the roof. It turned out that one cucumber Bush stretched so high that it climbed to the roof of the cattle pen, which Hemra Aga did not pay much attention to. But his eldest son Merdan, having climbed to the roof of the pen, was very surprised to see cucumbers of very large size. My father told me not to touch the vegetables and wait for time. The harvest from the Bush was collected only on October 31 – cucumbers grew for seven months.

Hemra Babayev:

- No one took special care of him. The leaves of cucumber grown in beds, where they grew strawberries. And he ate only what I fertilized the strawberries with - manure.
The couple admits that a large cucumber also grew last year, but it doesn't compare to this.
If a farmer registers his giant cucumber in the Guinness book of world records, it will be a new world record. Currently, the record belongs to Alf Cobb from the UK, who grew a cucumber weighing 12.5 kg.  


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