Turkmen students saved the life of a resident of Kazan

Turkmen students saved the life of a resident of Kazan

Two Turkmen citizens, Eldar Aliyev and Allabay Amanmuhammedov, students of the law faculty of Chuvash state University, were awarded letters of thanks from the University's management for their active life position, moygorod-online reports.

The University received a letter from a resident of Kazan, Tatyana Aksakova, in which she told how these students saved a woman from an attack.

Students came to Kazan to visit their fellow countryman, who lived in an apartment on the first floor. Around 9 p.m., they heard screams for help. The woman was attacked by a young man and began to strangle. Eldar and Allabay jumped out of the window without even having time to put on their shoes. The attacker tried to escape. One stayed with the woman and called the police, the other caught up with the attacker. As a result, everyone ended up at the police station, where they gave evidence. Then the students escorted the woman home.

The presentation of letters of thanks on behalf of the ChSU rector was also attended by the parents of Eldar and Allabay, who, while in Turkmenistan, listened online to words of gratitude for the excellent upbringing of their sons, representatives of the state University said.

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