VI international festival "Sounds of dutar" is postponed to next year

VI international festival "Sounds of dutar" is postponed to next year

VI Moscow international art festival "Sounds of dutar" named after N. Halmammedov is postponed to next year. One of the expected cultural events in the world of music was planned to be held from October 28 to November 3, 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic has made its own adjustments. In this regard, the organizing Committee of the festival decided to hold face-to-face scientific, practical and competitive events of the festival next year.

As the organizing Committee of the festival told "Turkmenportal": "A lot of applications for participation come from abroad, but due to measures to counter the spread of coronavirus and restrictions on the entry of foreign citizens to the Russian Federation, it is not possible to hold the festival on the scale planned."

In particular, the following events are being postponed:

• International scientific and practical conference "The face of war in the mirror of art»;

• International competition of musicians-performers of various specialties for the best performance of academic music based on ethno-cultural traditions;

• Competition of composers to create works based on the poems of the poet Gurbannazar Ezizov (for the 80th anniversary of the poet).

The exact dates of the festival, conference and competitions will be officially announced in January 2021.

At the same time, we hasten to please with good news: the organizing Committee of the festival extends the acceptance of applications until March 1, 2021. On the site pre-registration and acceptance of applications for participation in scientific conferences and competitions have been extended; all previously received abstracts and competition papers have been saved and are under consideration. Thus, composers and performers who did not have time to submit an application on time have a unique opportunity.

The Moscow international festival of arts" Sounds of dutar " named After N. Halmammedov is one of the largest event events. Over the years in it have taken part about 400 musicians and dance and choral groups from Russia, Armenia, Germany, Kazakhstan, China, UAE, Russia, Slovenia, USA, Turkey, Uzbekistan, France, South Korea, Japan and other countries.

Earlier, we reported that the VI international festival "Sounds of dutar" named after Nury Halmammedov will be held in autumn and that a competition for composers has been announced as part of the international festival "Sounds of dutar".

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