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Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan are developing the renewable energy market

Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan are developing the renewable energy market

The individual enterprise "Täze energiýa" ("New energy") is the first in the country to introduce innovative, environmentally friendly technologies in the field of practical use of natural sources, the newspaper "Neutral Turkmenistan" reports.

Since 2015, the company has been designing and installing solar panels, offering customers a turnkey solution. Moreover, “Täze energiýa” is already starting to produce its own solar panels.

“Täze energiýa” is a participant of the joint project of the UNDP and the government of Turkmenistan "Efficient use of energy and renewable energy sources for sustainable water management in Turkmenistan". According to the project, IP installed solar power supply systems with a total electric capacity of 10 kW in three remote settlements in the Central part of Karakum, including the villages of Kelleli, El and Byashkak of the Akhal velayat instead of diesel generators. This not only created new opportunities to improve the living standards of local communities, but also solved the problem of raising water from wells to water livestock.

This project was also implemented in the Dashoguz velayat on the Esenaman site - a large watering point for livestock farming.

By order of the closed Joint-Stock company "Altyn Asyr", an enterprise in the Akhal velayat in a remote area installed solar panels to supply electricity to cell towers. Then, on the Ashgabat–Mary highway to Bugdaily, they installed solar panels on two street lighting poles for night light at the pedestrian crossing.
Director of IE "Täze energiýa" Nury Hydyrov looks at the prospects for the development of renewable energy sources in the country:

I am convinced that today is the best time to invest in solar energy. The growing attractiveness of renewable energy is due to both the environmental well-being and environmental protection, as well as the economic aspect and competitiveness. Installation of an Autonomous solar-powered system is advantageous where there is a small number of electricity consumers and / or facilities are not connected to the General power grid and where connection is expensive due to the remoteness of the facility or lack of power in the nearest networks. Then solar panels will become a stable investment with predictable performance. In this regard, a promising project for us is the construction of a 10 MW solar power plant near the Turkmen lake "Altyn Asyr".

Therefore, today "Täze energiýa" is already setting up its own production of solar panels in Turkmenistan. We have signed a contract with an Italian company that will provide us with machines for the production of solar panels using the new technology "Glaas & Glaas". The glass will be of domestic production. Then we intend to set up production of special solar-powered helium and lithium batteries.

In the future, we plan to convert not only solar, but also wind energy into electric current.

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