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Online services that are now available in Turkmenistan

Online services that are now available in Turkmenistan

Currently, the list of online services for citizens is expanding in many countries. The advantage of online services is the ability to use the services without leaving your home at any time of the day from a computer or mobile device connected to the Internet. The list of online services is also growing in our country. In this article, we will talk about some of them.


1. Do you want to read Newspapers and magazines? On the site you can read or download Newspapers, magazines, books, and get information about the services offered by the Turkmen state publishing service.


2. Would you like to top up your mobile phone account? To do this, you can use the site, the "Tmcell töleg" mobile app, the "Internet banking" and "Mobile banking" banking services.


3. Top up your home phone account, pay for IPTV service on, via the "Agts" app, as well as via the "Internet banking" and "Mobile banking" banking services.


4. Did you remember to pay for the Internet at Night? We have a special video clip and article about this, which you can read at these links.


5. Received a loan from the Bank? Naturally, you will be able to pay for the loan and interest on it online using the services "Internet Bank" and "Mobile Bank".


6. Always follow the road safety rules. In case of violation of traffic rules, fines written by the traffic police can be paid via the mobile software "PÝGG jerime töleg". We discussed this in more detail in previous articles and videos.


7. Now you don't have to make purchases by going to the store or market. Purchases can now be made online through the mobile software "Nesip etsin". The program includes online stores. Prices for goods and services are available, and there is a delivery service.


8. Good news for students! You can pay for your studies through the "Talyp tölegi" service of Halkbank, without going to the Bank.


9. Do you want to be immediately aware of all the latest events taking place in our country? Then you can go to the news portal "Türkmenportal", where you can read the latest, interesting and reliable news published in 3 languages online at any time of the day. “Türkmenportal”, which has become popular in a short time, contains not only news, but also interesting articles and posters.


10. Looking for an easy way to order food or make purchases, then go to the online platform “Dostawka. Bar”.
Platform "Dostawka.Bar" is working daily to add new content through new features, new establishments in different parts of our large country.
A customer-oriented strategy and flexible terms of cooperation with institutions
Another important point is the creators of "Dostawka.Bar" daily work on improving the app with the help of reviews and objective comments from users of this app


11. Do you want to spend your free time usefully? A section of useful videos has been created for you on "Türkmenportal". Despite the new appearance, the video audience is increasing day by day, and there are suggestions that the videos should be consistent and long-lasting. There are prizes in the video, don't miss them! Can you become the winner of the prize?!


12. Do you like to listen to songs or music? You can use the mobile software "Tmcell sazz". The program can be downloaded from "PlayMarket" or "AppStore". There is a very large song and music library.


13. Useful classes and videos can be viewed on,  and on  you can watch live videos, cartoons, songs and music.


14. Are you an accountant? Do you want to make payments online? “Rysgal Bank” offers its clients the Internet banking service. The difference between this service and an ordinary "Internet Bank" is its purpose for legal entities. Now clients of “Rysgal Bank” can perform their accounting work with the Bank on-site in online mode.     


15. do you Like to go out with your family or friends on weekends? Where to go? Don't know where what's going on? In this case, the "Poster" section of the "Türkmenportal" website will help you. Here you can get information about events taking place in our capital and other cities.


16. Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have a store or outlet? Do you want to increase your sales and expand your customer base? You can use the “Ak tam bazary” website or the “Ak tam bazary” mobile app. “Ak tam bazary” is an integrated platform for online stores. Previously, this site only offered construction materials, but now you can find any products and services here. Have you placed your store on "Ak tam bazary"? The number of stores on the platform is growing day by day, with regular promotions in products and services. Open your store on "Ak tam bazary" for free. Here everyone can shop online.


17. Chose where to go? Are you going to the theater or circus? Then you will be helped by the mobile software "Türkmen teatrlary", launched by the Ministry of culture of Turkmenistan. The system is also presented as a website. On site you will be able to get tickets to the theater, choose a place to obtain information about the theater.


18. Are you planning to fly on a plane? You can buy a ticket online on the website "Türkmenhowaýollary". 


19. Watched the recently released video of VIP-wagons of the Railways? Don't miss it! You can view it at this address. If you want to buy a train ticket, you can use the website "Türkmendemirýollary" or the mobile app.


20. If you want to get a biometric passport, you can apply by filling out an application on the official website of the state migration service of Turkmenistan. On the site, you can find information about the status of the application. Go to the website and check it out.


21. Do you want to watch online TV channels in your free time? From "PlayMarket" or "AppStore" you can download the mobile software "Altyn asyr Mobile TV" and install it on your phone. 


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