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Wedding in winter or summer: which is better?


A wedding is an event that is usually planned 2-3 months in advance, and sometimes six months in advance. Nowadays, wedding dates can be set at any time of the year, although in the old days the time for weddings was considered to be autumn, when the main field work ended, the harvest was harvested, and the new one would only ripen in the spring.

Each season has its own pros and cons for wedding celebrations. When choosing a wedding date, it is important to understand that the features of each season leave a certain imprint on the style of the ceremony and force you to act according to certain patterns.


Summer. Among the undoubted advantages of holding a wedding in the summer in Turkmenistan is the consistently sunny and dry weather, which is unlikely to present an unpleasant surprise in the form of rain and slush (there are exceptions, but extremely rarely). In summer, cities have a lot of greenery, and photo shoots in urban locations always turn out well. Lots of seasonal fruits - peaches, melons, watermelons, figs and others. Summer is the holiday season for many people, so it will be easier for a relative or friend living in another city to come to the celebration without having to take time off from work.

The main disadvantage of summer in Turkmenistan is the heat. Because of this, it is comfortable to hold all outdoor wedding events only from morning to noon and after sunset. Some people arrange a pre-wedding photo shoot outside the city, but in the summer, it is difficult to find a truly beautiful landscape - everything fades in the sun. In addition, for many, it is simply uncomfortable to be in the heat in a heavy, luxurious wedding dress.


Spring. A very good time for weddings. It’s not too hot yet, but it’s not cold anymore, everything is in bloom and there’s a lot of fresh greenery, which makes photo sessions in urban landscapes and outside the city especially successful and colorful. The only significant drawback is that the weather in spring is very unstable. Early spring (early March) can bring a surprise with the sudden return of winter in the form of sleet and cold snaps, and during the rest of the spring months, rains occur often and suddenly.


Autumn. We can say that this is the ideal time for a wedding. The heat is receding, but the weather continues to please with an abundance of sunny days. There are still a lot of seasonal fruits, and the “golden autumn” period is especially good for photo shoots both in the city and in nature. The weather can only fail in late autumn. Autumn marks the flowering period of chrysanthemums and asters, which can decorate any festive table. Plus, you can host your holiday celebrations outdoors without the risk of heatstroke or freezing. In Turkmenistan, autumn is the most popular period for weddings.


Winter. According to registry office workers, the winter period often sees relative calm, so if you don’t want to wait a long time, you can schedule a wedding for the winter. The main and significant disadvantage because many are not ready to schedule a wedding in the winter months is the cold. In addition, rain or sleet and sleet can spoil the mood with a soiled wedding dress. The lack of greenery in the city and in nature makes photo sessions less colorful. You can only find a beautiful location for a photo shoot during snowfall or in the mountains where there is enough snow.

But in winter, the bride can complement her wedding outfit with a beautiful white or beige fur coat to stay warm, and the groom can choose a suit made of natural velvet, which not only looks luxurious and solid, but also keeps heat well. As for flowers and fruits, modern technologies allow them to be grown almost all year round, although their prices in winter are significantly higher.

Thus, it is clear that in each season you can find pros and cons for holding such an important celebration as a wedding. All problems can be solved in one way or another, especially weather-related problems. Choosing a banquet hall will allow you to beautifully celebrate the birth of a new social unit without suffering from heat or cold.

The Ak Ýol banquet hall in Ashgabat guarantees a wedding at the highest level, regardless of the time of year. A modern air conditioning and heating system will create the most comfortable conditions for guests both in summer and winter. In addition, Ak Ýol clients have access to a stylishly decorated hall that can easily accommodate up to one thousand guests, professionally trained staff, more than a dozen types of menus from national and world cuisine, as well as free services for hall decoration, sound and lighting design, convertible Lincoln for the newlyweds, a hotel room, the services of animators, a singer and a host, and most importantly - installments up to 36 months to pay for wedding celebrations. In addition, the Ak Ýol banquet hall is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Ashgabat, offering magnificent views of the city, suburban hills and mountains.

Ak Ýol banquet hall address: Ashgabat, Bagtyyarlyk street 15, Bagt köşgi wedding ceremony center of the hyakimlik of Ashgabat.

Contact numbers: (+993 65) 41 41 40, (+993 60) 13 62 62, (+993 12) 95 06 38.


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