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Boy or girl? What is a gender party and ideas for organizing a party


Parties on the occasion of the disclosure of the gender of the unborn child are gaining worldwide popularity among expectant parents. Gender-party is an original and fun way to find out for yourself and tell your family the gender of the child.

The American Jenna Karvunidis is considered to be a pioneer in the gender reveal party organization. A woman in 2008 organized a holiday with a colored cake and talked about it on a forum for parents, thereby setting a new trend. In 2009, the first gender party videos began to appear on YouTube, and in 2010 the term itself appeared on Google.

There are no strict rules for holding a gender party. Therefore, as soon as the doctor of ultrasound diagnostics can confidently determine the gender of the baby, you can prepare a celebration.

Here are some ideas for the celebration.

Balloons are the most common and budget way to find out the gender of the child. In stationery stores, you can buy a ready-made set - an opaque black ball with the inscription “Boy? or girl?” and pink and blue confetti.


Another option is to fill the box with helium balloons. Future mom and dad open the box and a cloud of blue or pink balloons flies out.

A piñata filled with confetti, feathers, balls or toys of the right color is especially popular with couples who already have older children. They can take an active part in breaking the piñata, because children, no less than adults, want to know the answer to the question: “Who will be a brother or sister”?


Cake is a classic of the genre for a gender party. Outside, it should be a neutral color, but inside it is necessary to paint the cakes or cream layer in pink or blue. You can ask the pastry chef to make the cake hollow inside and fill it with a surprise filling - sweets, marmalade, dragees, marshmallows. By the color of the filling, it will become clear to everyone what gender the baby will be.


Paints for painting on fabric, and the couple is wearing white T-shirts. Blindfolded, the parents dip their hands into the paint and touch each other, leaving footprints. After removing the blindfold from their eyes, mom and dad will see the color of the paint.

An umbrella is another simple and inexpensive option for a gender party. Confetti, artificial petals, sequins and feathers of the desired color are poured into an inverted umbrella. The organizer must ensure that the umbrella remains tightly closed until the climax.

No matter how the party goes - in a narrow family circle or on a grand scale, the main thing is bright and warm emotions that even a baby will feel.

For Ashgabat couples who decide to have a big holiday, the Ak Ýol banquet hall is suitable.

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