How to find the perfect hall for family celebrations: the main selection criteria

How to find the perfect hall for family celebrations: the main selection criteria

Undoubtedly, it is most convenient to celebrate large family celebrations with a large number of guests in buildings specially created for this purpose - restaurants and banquet halls. Weddings, anniversaries, wedding anniversaries, birthdays of family members, celebrations on the occasion of the birth of a child or a children's party with an entertainment program - all this is difficult to organize and hold at a decent level at home. There is little space for guests, the size of the kitchen does not permit preparing festive dishes in the required volumes, and at the end of the celebrations, a serious problem is added in the form of cleaning. Therefore, many choose the option with a banquet hall.

In such a matter as the right choice of premises for a large family celebration, there are also subtleties and pitfalls. Below are a few tips on what aspects it is recommended to pay attention to when choosing a banquet hall for a large family celebration.

First, you need to build on the number of guests expected at the holiday. If there are not too many of them (within 50 people), you can consider the option with a small hall or part of the restaurant hall (the main thing is that your celebration does not coincide in this case with another holiday that will be held here on the same day). In Turkmenistan, at large family celebrations with more than a hundred guests, no one can be surprised, so the option with a large spacious banquet hall would be preferable.

The presence of a spacious dance floor for full-fledged fun is another important criterion for choosing the right hall for the celebration. The so-called “live music” also often becomes a decisive factor in favor of choosing a hall, especially if the hero (or heroes) of the occasion himself would like to hear live music performed by professional musicians at his celebration.

A beautiful, harmonious design of the hall, when the color scheme does not hurt the eyes, the tables are well located, the view of the dance floor and the wedding table, at which the newlyweds are sitting, opens from anywhere in the hall, also matters when choosing. If a lot of guests are expected, it is important that they are not crowded.

In the hot climate of Turkmenistan, one of the most important characteristics of a good banquet hall is the presence of a powerful air conditioning system. In summer, it will permit guests to feel comfortable even in the most intense heat, and in winter it will not permit cold drafts from the street to enter the room.

The choice of cuisine is also important, especially if guests are expected who prefer dishes of any particular type of cuisine. Often banquet halls in their menus, in addition to the national traditional for Turkmenistan, offer a choice of dishes of Turkish, Italian, Georgian cuisine.

Naturally, the best way to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of banquet halls is only when you personally visit and talk with a representative of the institution's administration.

If it is difficult to make a choice from several options for banquet halls, you can make a table with the pros and cons for each of them. This will permit you not to get confused and visually evaluate the advantages of each of the halls.

Ashgabat banquet hall Ak Ýol with a capacity of up to 1000 people will permit you to hold any family celebration at the highest level - from sadaka and anniversary to a wedding for several hundred guests.

A spacious and bright hall, decorated in warm soft colors, several options for a rich menu from professional culinary specialists, high-quality sound and lighting equipment, well-trained staff, as well as location in one of the most picturesque areas of Ashgabat - all this will make any celebration bright and unforgettable.

In addition, Ak Ýol offers services such as a 36-month installment plan for newlyweds to hold a wedding celebration, as well as a free suite and a “Lincoln” wedding car for newlyweds.

Banquet hall Ak Ýol is waiting for its guests at the address: Ashgabat, street Bagtyyarlyk, 15, wedding ceremony center Bagt köşgi. Phones for additional information: (+993 65) 41 41 40, (+993 60) 13 62 62, (+993 12) 95 06 38.;


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