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24 hours: what happens on Earth in one day


In 24 hours, many incredible events, large and small, take place on Earth. We often take this time for granted, but for some beings, one day on Earth can be a lifetime.

What happens on Earth in one day?

7 earthquakes, 18 thousand thunderstorms, 8,6 million lightning.

About 18 million people will celebrate their birthday.

365 thousand - the approximate number of people born per day.

Every day, one tree releases enough oxygen for two inhabitants of the planet.

On average, each of us laughs 15 times a day.

104 thousand beats a day will make the human heart.

40 thousand trees will be cut down to make paper bags and 27 thousand trees to produce toilet paper.

150-200 species of plants, insects, birds and mammals will become extinct due to pollution, land degradation and other types of environmental damage.

510 thousand tons of rice will be harvested by Chinese farmers.

1 700 000 tons of fruit will be harvested worldwide.

On average, each person will say about 48 thousand words.

Chickens worldwide will lay 190 million eggs.

Every day, the inhabitants of the planet flush the toilet 22 billion times. Half of humanity could take a bath in this amount of water.

142 thousand cars will be produced. If the new cars are built in a chain, its length will be approximately 512 kilometers.

23 thousand breaths are taken daily by a person.

Up to 50 trillion cells per day will die and regenerate in the human body.

40 to 100 hairs will fall out.

People in one day will eat: 800 million oranges, 1 billion apples, 1.5 billion bananas.

a human hair will grow by 0,35 millimeters.

24 hours is the short life of a mayfly moth.

In one day, people will buy:

  • 570 thousand TV sets;
  • 3,4 million phones;
  • 540 million newspapers;
  • 820 thousand golf balls.

2753 books are published daily.

On Earth, the sun rises and sets once in 24 hours. However, astronauts of the International Space Station (ISS) will see 16 sunrises and 16 sunsets per day.

There are so many events happening daily on our planet that we often take for granted. In one day, a huge number of living beings are born and die, a crop grows and ripens, a huge number of products is produced. Nature continuously lives and develops, humanity actively works and develops.

In 24 hours, the Earth goes through a gigantic cycle of transformations, providing life for billions of creatures. This makes our planet an amazing place where incredible events take place at every moment of time.


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