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Secrets of the perfect color combination in the interior


The fact that color has an effect on a person is confirmed by numerous studies by psychologists and scientists. Each color in its own way affects the psyche of people, sets a certain mood and atmosphere of the room.

The fact that the color palette in the interior plays a secondary role is also confirmed by specialists from the Turkmen design studio Alpha Home.

The leading designer of the studio shared with Turkmenportal some color rules and the secrets of a harmonious interior.

How many colors are best used in the interior?

There are no strict rules. Thus, professional designers can create complex and bold color schemes by combining a large number of shades. If you are not a color specialist, but you “feel” colors and have good taste, then try to combine five colors when decorating, and the color wheel will help you with this.

Those who do not like to experiment can use a reliable option, namely to combine three colors - primary, secondary and accent.


What are the proportions of color distribution in the interior?

“60-30-10” is the percentage of color in the interior of the room.

Give 60% of the area to the main dominant tone. It should be muted, pastel and neutral.

30% - an additional brighter color should complement and support the main one.

Fill 10% of the room with a catchy, flashy color that will place accents in the interior.

White, gray and black, the so-called achromatic colors can be ignored. They are neutral and can be used as complementary to any color.


How to use the color wheel?

There are many color combination schemes, but there are three classic ways:

  • monochromatic - a combination of related shades from one segment of the circle;
  • contrasting - a combination of opposites (yellow-violet, red-green, etc.);
  • three colors in a row - the selection of shades adjacent to each other around the circumference. The most popular triple color combinations are orange with red-orange and yellow-orange, blue with green and blue-green.

Alpha Home also emphasized that the search for the perfect color combination in the interior, especially for housing, should be approached more carefully. After all, in your home, a person should feel comfortable and cozy.

Alpha Home Studio provides a range of services, including a full range of construction and repair work, as well as the manufacture of various types of furniture sets.

Customers can choose from a wide range of quality fabrics for upholstery, fittings and accessories. Alpha Home design studio specialists can be called to your home for a free consultation. In addition, a 3D visualization of a room or furniture can be prepared for clients.

Residents of Turkmenistan can apply for Alpha Home services at the following address: Ashgabat, st. Atamurat Niyazov, 186, Bereket building (entrance from the yard).

Contact phones: (+993 65) 67 47 40, (+993 65) 64 44 47, (+993 12) 12 12 61, (+993 12) 12 12 71, (+993 12) 12 12 81 and (+ 993 12) 12 12 91.

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