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Umytly Ýol company: turnkey interior design in Turkmenistan


The atmosphere of any home consists of several components: colors and design of the premises, furniture, decorative elements. Of course, furniture plays the main role in this: it provides a person with a workplace, a place for relaxation, and performs many practical functions. The second important detail is the design of the premises. A successful and high-quality repair is able to revive, ennoble and even visually expand any, including an unsuccessful room. The finishing touch is given by decorative elements: paintings, figurines, stylish vases and flowers. All this, with the right combination, creates a unique atmosphere in every room, office or the whole house.

Umytly Ýol has chosen as its field of activity the creation of the very atmosphere, without which any room remains just four walls with a roof. Beautiful furniture, stylish design renovations, flowers are what Umytly Ýol specialists use to enliven any premises and squares.

IE Umytly Ýol was created quite recently, in 2020. The first activity of the company was the manufacture of furniture to order. Especially for this, equipment for working with wood was brought from China. With its help, not only furniture details are created, but also ornaments and engravings are cut, fabrics for upholstery are cut out and much more.

Alpha Home design studio produces any furniture: upholstered and cabinet, for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, kitchens, bathroom cabinets, mirrors of all shapes and sizes, hallways. Alpha Home furniture design is distinguished by discreet elegance, muted colors, straight lines of silhouettes. The main style directions are modern classics, hi-tech, European style. High-quality materials and accessories from Turkish manufacturers are used in the production.

Floristry is a new direction in the activity of Umytly Ýol. Alpha Flowers flower shop specializes in making flower arrangements for any holidays and celebrations: bouquets for birthdays and anniversaries, wedding, romantic bouquets. Only the freshest flowers are always used - roses, tulips, asters and chrysanthemums, callas, hyacinths. A representative of the company explains this interest in flowers simply: Umytly Ýol's area of interest is interior design, so flowers that can decorate any room are also part of the design solution, albeit short-lived.

Purchasing new furniture or making it to order is quite costly and installment plan can be a way out - Alpha Home studio provides its customers with such an opportunity. In the studio, you can arrange an interest-free installment plan for the manufacture of furniture for a period of 3 to 6 months, paying only 30% of the total amount. The balance is divided into equal installments and paid every month, with a corresponding receipt issued for each payment.

Alpha Home design studio is waiting for customers at the address: Ashgabat, st. Atamurat Niyazov, 186, Bereket building, entrance from the yard. Contact phones: (+993 65) 67 47 40, (+993 65) 64 44 47, (+993 12) 12 12 61, (+993 12) 12 12 71, (+993 12) 12 12 81, (+993 12) 12 12 91. Page in the social network.

Flower shop Alpha Flowers accepts orders through its page on the social network or by phone (+993 65) 66 10 10.

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