The most unexpected facts about spring that will be interesting for both adults and children

The most unexpected facts about spring that will be interesting for both adults and children

Why do people love and wait for spring so much? Maybe because the cold recedes and nature blooms, because the arrival of spring inspires faith or inspires new beginnings ... Whatever the reason for your warm feelings for spring, we offer a selection of interesting facts about this season of the year.

Children grow faster in spring and summer. Scientific studies by British scientists have shown that from March to August, children gain three times more in height and weight than in the autumn-winter period. Promotes active growth:

  • the sun, under the influence of which vitamin D is produced, and the metabolism is also accelerated;
  • in warm weather, the body does not spend its energy on warming, and it goes into growth;
  • fresh air, where children spend time more often and fresh fruits and vegetables also contribute to accelerated growth.

In spring, people breathe more often compared to other seasons. Thanks to the plants awakening in spring, the air is filled with a large amount of oxygen. After oxygen starvation in the winter months, the human body begins to recover, while increasing the respiratory rate by a factor of three.

The spring has a speed of movement. Using observations of the inflorescence of individual plants, scientists determined the speed of spring movement - 50 km per day.

Sakura is the first tree to bloom in spring. It is interesting that catalogs are published in the homeland of the tree, Japan, with a list of the best places for “hanami” - a holiday of admiring cherry blossoms.

The official onset of spring in the Swiss city of Geneva is determined by the flowering of the chestnut growing under the windows of the cantonal government. As a rule, the first leaf on a chestnut appears in March, but there were exceptions. So, in 2002, the chestnut blossomed its first leaf at the end of December, and in 2006 it bloomed twice - in March and October.

Surprisingly, the great Russian poet Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin did not like spring and even wrote poems about this:

Now is my time: I bear no love for spring;
The floods, the mud, the stink — I feel unhealthy,
My blood ferments, longing chokes heart and mind.
Better harsh winter; then I can feel happy.

In the spring, whirlwind and tornadoes occur more often. The number of recorded atmospheric vortices in the spring increases five times. Scientists attribute this to the restructuring of the biological clock of the planet from winter to summer time.

March 21, 2023 will be the Spring Equinox. This day is considered the astronomical arrival of spring, the time when the length of day and night are equal. There are various signs, for example, if the weather is cold that day, then the next 40 days will be cold. But if the clouds float across the sky quickly and high, then summer and autumn will be warm.

Surprisingly, birds learn to sing in spring. Of course, birds can sing from birth, but birds need time to master the singing inherent in their species. As a result, birds can master singing perfectly after about 300 days, that is, next spring after birth.


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