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Top 13: unique professions of the past, present, and future


The modern world of the XXI century is rapidly developing, and with it tendencies and trends are changing, the role of innovative technologies is increasing, which leads to the disappearance of old and the emergence of new professions in society.

Let's get acquainted with the professions of the past, which are now completely irrelevant.

A cab driver - was one of the most common professions in the XIX century, especially in rural areas. The first wagons and carriages with a cab, of course, were imperfect and ridiculous, and after three decades they underwent great changes. In many literary works, one can find mention of this ancient profession (novels: “Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy, “Crime and Punishment” by Fyodor Dostoevsky, “Madame Bovary” by Guy de Maupassant), surrounded by light notes of mystery.


A chimney sweep - is a widespread job in cities with a stove heating system. To improve draft and to avoid fire, it was necessary to regularly clean the pipes and fireplaces from soot. In England, for this dirty and dangerous work, boys of 5-6 years old were involved in cleaning narrow channels, since labor protection laws had not yet been formed.


A water carrier - is a type of activity that was in demand even before the development of a centralized water supply system. Water carriers collected clean drinking water from the source, and brought it to the city, where people poured it into containers for a special fee. This specialty lasted until the beginning of the XX century.


The coachman - who was in the civil service in Russia, lived in the premises near the post station and was engaged in the rapid delivery of government cargo, mail, or important officials. It is interesting that in the old romances of that time, the hard life of a coachman was often described, in connection with this, the famous “Bell” by composer A. Gurilyov is recalled: “the bell rattles monotonously, and the road is slightly gathering dust, and sadly over a flat field, the coachman’s song spills”. The profession of a coachman disappeared, having lost the competition to the railway.


What professions that are still operating at the present stage may disappear by 2030?

Experts answer this question by analyzing the development of technologies and the global labor market. For example, a travel agent, a loader, a weather forecaster, a secretary, a cashier may lose popularity.

Among them, the specialty of the postman is dying off - since letters on paper have not attracted people for a long time, it is much more practical to exchange instant information through e-mail, Internet messengers.


Translator - thanks to the mass study of foreign languages by young people and computer technology, this profession will gradually become obsolete.

Many leading companies are successfully using mobile applications they have created that can quickly recognize spoken language and transfer its translation to the device screen.


Librarian - paper book depositories are gradually becoming a rarity, and the number of readers is falling. Many interesting books can be read and ordered through online stores with courier delivery.

It is possible that some low-skilled professions will soon disappear altogether; even accountants, realtors, bank employees, and dispatchers are at risk.

Therefore, you should carefully choose your specialty and have additional skills that may come in handy at the right time.

New professions are formed over time, for example, in the field of magazine and newspaper workers, content managers, copywriters, social network account managers have already appeared. And also - loan brokers, collectors, robotics, game designers, cybersecurity specialist, 3D printing designer and others.

Among them, especially in demand: content editor - a person who fills the site with a variety of text.

A web developer - is the head of a specific development team.


Mediators - are specialists in conciliation procedures between people. These are young workers who have reached the age of 25, with a higher education in psychology, and who have completed specialized training courses, will be able to work in this area.

Trend watchers - monitor the emergence of new trends among consumers and have already taken an important position on the internet.

The profession of an astronaut is still relevant. The space industry is increasingly winning the minds of scientists and businessmen. American entrepreneur, engineer and billionaire Elon Musk believes that his company will be able to deliver a man to Mars for the first time in 6 years, and Morgan Stanley analysts predict that by 2040 the size of the space market will reach a trillion dollars.


Online-doctor – The world is facing the challenge of consulting a doctor who cannot be visited in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic as early as 2020.


It was then that clinics began to offer online meetings with a psychotherapist, nutritionist, etc. Such techniques are cheaper, do not require a medical examination and save time.

Representatives of the professions of the future should be united by valuable and useful skills: emotional intelligence, communication skills, systems thinking, management, multilingualism.

New promising professions, being a kind of reflection of the modern world, have other specific names and specify a certain area of activity, allowing you to work better and more fruitfully. More and more they are replacing old and modern professions, corresponding to the spirit and demands of the near future.



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