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I love my job! How not to cool down to the work of a lifetime: practical advice


Who among us has not thought about the question - do I love my job? Do I burn out on it? This problem is very typical for the modern rhythm of life, when everything has to be done in a hurry, running, in order to be in time everywhere.

As it is known, emotional burnout occurs when a person begins to receive less satisfaction from work, and to feel his own failure.

Emotional exhaustion is a disease. In 2019, the World Health Organization included it in the official list. The concept of emotional burnout was first introduced in 1974 by the American psychiatrist Herbert Freudenberger. He noted that many people become emotionally exhausted, their reaction to events decreases, they become devastated and indifferent to others.

As a rule, representatives of professions, who most often spend time in contact with other people and spend more of their mental energy face burnout at work.

We feel confusion, fatigue, emotional decline, when the boss undeservedly shouted at us, or expressed dissatisfaction with the work done. Initially, the thought arises - you need to leave this job. We are offended and our pride is wounded. After that, our mind begins to function abruptly and give us various arguments in favor of the fact that it is better not to find a job, we must stay and endure.

Little by little, our brain accumulates all negative emotions and someday it can throw out this state into a tantrum, a nervous breakdown, and even a psychological illness.

Health is much more important than work, whatever it is. So what should we do?

In Japan, there is a concept called Karoshi, which means death by work. In the seventieth, 400 thousand people died from burnout in the physical sense right at work. There was an extreme situation, because they were overworking and thereby driving themselves into a corner.

Most often, a combination of factors plays a big role: work, life, stress. What causes professional burnout at work? There are several of them - routine, uninteresting tasks; huge pressure; work for the sake of a tick, misunderstanding of your goals and contribution to the common cause, little control over the situation, that is, the low significance of your person.

What signs can be identified in the assessment of burnout?

  • the same type of working day;
  • insufficient pay for your efforts;
  • unhealthy relationships in the work team;
  • lack of motivation;
  • lack of sleep and much more.

Let's think together how to get rid of it? Psychologists advise to calm down, take a deep breath and think, what is wrong?

Find someone you like and talk to him about your problems. I remember when I was especially ill, I was saved by sincere conversations with my youngest daughter, who simply sat next to me and distracted me with her light humorous observations about the life of our pets. And we have two of them: an important Siamese cat and a street outbred kitten. Their constant cheerful noisy fuss; trying to steal an extra piece of food from each other, and taking the TV very seriously, when they both literally froze while watching the program “Did you see the video?”; discussed with my daughter and brought me peace. If this does not help, seek the help of a professional psychologist, listen to his recommendations.

Be sure to take breaks at work. Go outside, get some fresh air, if that's not possible, lean back in your chair, lie down for 10 minutes with your eyes closed, or just do some exercise (stretch your neck and arms).

Early rise. “Larks”, as they are called, are distinguished by good performance. Because they get up with a fresh head, along with the awakening of nature, with the first ray of sunrise and feel an emotional surge of strength.

Cheer yourself up. Listen to your favorite tune in the morning, drink strong delicious coffee. You will also have time for personal matters. Women will have time to do beautiful make-up, and men can easily choose an elegant suit to create the image of a modern business person, which is very important and appreciated at work in various firms and companies.

Of course, work is important for each of us, but it should bring both pleasure, inner peace, and bestowal. Learn to live interestingly, find yourself hobbies to reduce anxiety and thoughts about work.

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