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Facts about winter, which will wonder your children

Facts about winter, which will wonder your children

Winter is the magic time of a year! With its coming all the nature covers in magical winter fairy-tail. And how many interesting facts dealing with winter, that we do not know! Read in this article, about what is going around this period, and do not forget to share with your children, because this useful information will make their winter more magic and tail.

Interesting facts about winter:

  • Every snowflake is unique, and there are no two identical snowflakes in the nature, but also, they have something in general – all of them have 6 rays.
  • We used to white color, but on the largest mountain in Antarctica, we managed to see red, yellow and pink snowflakes.


  • Have you ever heard snowflakes song? Touching the water, they made a voice, which is unfortunately cannot be heard to a man.
  • There are more than 7 million of people, who never saw a snow with eyes.
  • The biggest snowflake, which fell to man’s hand, was 38 centimetres in a diameter.

  • In how many words you can describe the snow? For example, Eskimos, use 24 words for describing all conditions of snow, and this North Nation like Sami use 41 words.


  • There is a museum of snowflakes in Japan, named after the professor Nakaya Ukichiro, specialist in physics in ice atmosphere, became famous for exploration of natural ice crystals.
  • In 2013 thanks for Japanese explorations, stayed in winter period on Antarctic station, was fixed the impressing low temperature – 91,2 degree
  • The world-wide day of snow! Haven’t you heard? It celebrates in January 19.
  • The temperature of ice is various. For example, in Antarctic glaciers it can be -60 degree, in Greenland -28 degree, and the warmest snow is on the tops of Alps and Scandinavian mountains, there its degree is zero.
  • The eyewitnesses of snow duration, became citizens of Canada in 1932. The snowfall continued 9 days, after what the one-storey houses were covered up to roofs.


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