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What progress has come to: how to distract a child from a gadget

What progress has come to: how to distract a child from a gadget

Adults are sometimes touched when a child easily uses a smartphone. Understands new–fangled gadgets - so a smart kid is growing up. 

However, according to child psychologists, children “born” with a mobile phone in their hands eventually acquire a painful addiction and may lose interest in the world around them. It is more difficult for such children to find a common language with peers, vision and sleep deteriorate, as a result, the child becomes nervous.

So, to begin with, let's figure out the question: Who taught you? The answer is simple, so that the child does not get in the way, so to speak, to take his “business” as a rule, the parents themselves hand their child the cherished gadget.

Therefore, parents should start breaking in a child from gadget mania with themselves! 

Show an example – use the phone only when necessary. 

It is not necessary to take away a smartphone from your son or daughter, thereby you will push the child away, enter into conflict with him and may lose trust. Remember that gadgets for a modern child are communication with friends and a source of useful information for studying. Nevertheless, it is necessary to limit and strictly control the time of using the tablet and mobile phone.

It is necessary to completely exclude gadgets in the life of kids up to 2 years old. As per the experts, at this age, even educational games give minimal benefit. Put a password on some programs, delete entertainment applications, leave a minimum of training programs and games, then the baby will lose interest faster and will not sit on the phone for too long.

How to distract a child from a smartphone? – We need to offer an alternative!

Method No.1

The replacement should be exciting and interesting. Consult with your child and choose a suitable new hobby for him. These can be both sports sections and creative circles. The child will be able to find friends, and a good coach or teacher can become a new authority to which your child will listen.   

Method No.2

Don't be lazy, spend as much time with your child as possible. Plan joint leisure activities: going to the cinema, theater or concert, walking in the park or on the playground, cycling, creative activities at home, games, reading books or cooking. It all depends on the imagination of the parents.

Method No.3

We warn you, not every parent will decide, but you can have a pet and entrust the care of it to your son or daughter. It should be explained to the child that an animal is a big responsibility.

How to learn to refuse

You will not be able to completely exclude gadgets from your life, and you do not need to do this. In addition to the fact that it is necessary to set a time limit, also do not allow using the phone during a walk, during a meal, the arrival of guests, etc. Do not forget to explain why it is impossible, for example, to use the phone when you come to visit your grandmother.

Psychologists also advise creating “free zones”, that is, rooms where you cannot use a mobile phone.

The rules can only work if all family members adhere to them!

Try to fill the child's life with bright and interesting impressions and activities, and most importantly – communication with dad and mom.



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