How to explain to a child why it is necessary to go to school?

How to explain to a child why it is necessary to go to school?

Many parents face a problem - the child does not want to go to school! What is the reason? Firstly, in the obligatory observance of the daily routine and strict discipline; secondly, in the inability to adapt in a team with classmates.

Any child, having come to class for the first time, is faced with a mass of new unusual sensations! This is the unquestioning authority of the teacher, the system of class and homework assignments (it is necessary to learn and write everything!), and not always successful relationships with the guys. There is an uncomfortable feeling - he must, he ought to.

How to you explain to a child why it is necessary to go to school? Many psychologists advise explaining to a young son or daughter that school is a second home that will accompany him for many years. And while studying at school, he will be able to find true friends who may be with him all his life. To say that he will gain a lot of knowledge and become a completely adult person (which is what most children aspire to).\

It is important to draw the attention of the child to school from the first day, to motivate him to study.

Let's look at all the real benefits of studying at school:

Even a student sitting on the last desk and chatting throughout the lesson involuntarily absorbs new knowledge - this is a fact. New information is already progress.

We were all young at one time and often heard that the time spent at school or university is the best years of life. The child begins to build friendships in the team and understand people from his personal experience, right there.

School subjects for the first time reveal his predispositions and help determine the choice of profession. After all, it is here that he gets acquainted with various sciences, and tries to understand what he gravitates towards.

Very often, a child has questions in his head: “Why should I study chemistry or physics if I want to become a doctor?” The benefits of the exact sciences lead to the logic of thinking, develop the flexibility of the mind and the ability to solve many life problems.

Who among us has not heard – it is necessary to study for the “five”!

Diligent children most often become excellent students, who behave quietly and methodically do everything. But the guys from “Kamchatka” can become future talents! It is more important to comprehend the principle of obtaining knowledge - to find reliable sources, to be able to separate the main from the secondary.

The school routine brings us gradually closer to the work schedule. With each class, the amount of knowledge grows, at the university it grows into 6-7 pairs, and then logically flows into a full-time job. It prepares us to be stronger, more purposeful.

Homework is the education of independence, responsibility, the development of the ability to plan; find your right way, think over and correct the mistake.

So, let's highlight the main reasons for the need to attend school: socialization and communication, development of thinking, learning new things and mastering the necessary sciences, independence and the ability to cope with difficulties, determining professional orientation and preferences, obtaining a document on completed secondary education for subsequent employment.


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