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Strict diet or correct nutrition: what is better and more effective?


Many people who decided to watch their weight had a question: what to prefer – to keep strict diet or start practicing a proper nutrition principle. For many, this is the same thing, but, in fact, these are completely different nutritional principles.

Diet is restrictions in many cases. Even not the strictest diet means restrictions or prohibition of certain products that may lead to a deficiency of a number of vitamins and microelements. Some diets sharply restrict or completely prohibit to eat proteins, carbohydrates, certain foods (meat, cereals, some vegetables or fruits) that contain substances necessary for a person.

Diets, as a rule, are effective for a certain time, to achieve a specific result - weight loss to certain indicators, normalization of the condition after complex operations or as part of treatment, for example, for stomach ulcers or gastritis. It is usually necessary to adhere to a lifelong diet for people who have serious chronic diseases, in which the consumption of certain foods can lead to deterioration, for example, diabetics or survivors of large-scale operations on the gastrointestinal tract. We are talking about average, generally healthy people who do not need a strict lifelong diet consisting of restrictions.

The diet for a healthy person is always limited in time – from three days to a month. Mono-diets (when a single product is included in the diet) can be practiced for no more than three days. Then a strict diet has to be abandoned one way or another, so that it does not lead to an acute shortage of essential vitamins and trace elements or uncontrolled weight loss. In order to maintain the result achieved by the diet, a proper or balanced diet comes to the rescue.

A balanced nutrition is a peculiar set of rules, based on a variety of products, but not the ban. Proper nutrition doesn’t mean giving up certain products, only their restriction in favor of others, more useful  dishes. For example, someone who likes fried potato with mushrooms or a cake with whipped cream, will not have to he will not have to completely abandon his favorite treats, only limit their consumption. 

The diet of a person who adheres to the principles of proper nutrition consists of all kinds of products familiar to modern person – meat (most of which is “white” – chicken, turkey), cereals, sea and river fish, nuts and dried fruits, low-fat dairy and fermented milk products, seasonal fruits and vegetables, with a limited amount of fast carbohydrates (refined sugar, white flour pastries, carbonated drinks) and animal fats.

“Limited quantity” does not mean a complete rejection of these products – sometimes a small piece of cake eaten is unlikely to harm the figure, but it will lift the mood. The basic principle of healthy nutrition can be called compliance with measures in everything – you can eat everything, but in reasonable quantities.

The rules of a balanced diet also include eating small portions 4-5 times a day, preferably at the same time, and sufficient water intake. It is better to eat any carbohydrates in the first half of the day, and in the second to give preference to protein foods.

It is worth avoiding fast food, fat, fried and smoked, products containing flavor enhancers, such as sodium glutamate, also sweet fizzy drinks, because they content up to 10 maximal day dozes of sugar. It is better to prefer boiled, stewed or baked products.

The daily calorie intake of a healthy person (both men and women) who does not have problems with excess weight and does not engage in heavy physical labor is approximately 1800-2000 kcal. To control the weight within the normal range, this amount of calories should be enough.

Thus, nutritionists advise to constantly keep the rules of a balanced nutrition, and not trying different diets which are good only for a short time, and in perspective will lead to a shortage of vitamins and microelements. Proper nutrition does not lead to fast results, like some rigid diets, but allows you to get a more stable result. Proper nutrition is a lifestyle that you can follow for many years and enjoy its benefits.

In Turkmenistan, a team of dietologists and nutritionists of Detoxboxtm will help to choose an acceptable daily diet scheme for everyone based on the principles of healthy nutrition – both for rapid weight loss and for maintaining the result. In the line of programs from Detoxboxtm are the sets of readymade meal for three, ten and twenty eight days for weight loosing, and for its keeping. 

No preservatives and flavor enhancers are not added into the Detoxboxtm products, that is why they are not subject to long storage. The program of weight keeping also allow to make sports and adhere to such nutrition for a long time, unlike the programs aimed at weight loss. 

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