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I like to move it, move it: 8 tricks to fight a sedentary lifestyle

I like to move it, move it: 8 tricks to fight a sedentary lifestyle

How much time do we spend sitting in comfortable office chairs, on hard chairs or soft sofas? Probably most of life ... Let’s think about how to change this?

Physical exercise in the morning for 15-20 minutes. People, who exercise in the morning, are especially active during the day, and they lose weight faster than those, who train in the gym with a fitness trainer in the afternoon.

Park far away from home. If you do not have time to recharge, take short walks to the parking lot or leave the car altogether and walk in the fresh air to your home or work.

Take breaks during your workday. Do you sit for 7-8 hours in an office chair? Because of this, the posture is deformed, headache and joint pain appear, and there are respiratory spasms. Set a call to your smartphone or fitness bracelet to remind you to get up, stretch your muscles and recharge your batteries.

Staircase instead of elevator. Regular movements will help to increase tone, improve coordination, reduce the negative effect of many hours of sedentary work - use the stairs more often, instead of riding the elevator or escalator.

Get a dog. A great opportunity to be more outdoors is walking with your pet. Turn a routine walk into a quality workout - play with it, move around, it will be happy to communicate with you, and you will get a great mood for the whole day.

Stop eating at your computer. Lunch at the office table deprives the brain of proper rest. Do not miss the chance to have a snack away from the hustle and bustle, chat with colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere and the opportunity to move around. This will permit you to start working with renewed vigor.

Buy a pedometer. In accordance with research and WHO recommendations, at least 8-10 thousand steps should be taken per day - this is about 5-8 km. Such a load is required to maintain muscle tone and normal heart function.

Fitness bracelets with a pedometer and special smartphone applications help track the number of steps you have taken. You just need to start with 2-3 thousand steps a day, and choose shoes with a flat, flexible sole that does not restrict movement and does not rub your feet.

Dancing, swimming pool, yoga, cycling… Sports hobbies will be a real salvation for office workers in the struggle for movement. Choose an attractive type of activity for a healthy body and good mood.

So, the proposed list of some actions can help in the fight against a sedentary lifestyle and its main feature is regular activity.


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