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Wedding flutter: pros and cons of luxuriant and chamber wedding


A wedding ceremony is a pleasant event that everyone wants to celebrate vividly and unforgettable the newlyweds, their parents and the closest people.

Numerous problems on wedding conduction also occur – related to the event program, the location and décor, the choice of bridesmaid’s and groom’s clothes, festive banquet and etc.

The main question is how best to hold a celebration as a large-scale event, a small camera wedding or in the format of a youth party, taking into account your budget?


Let’s get familiarized with all three options:

A luxurious large-scale wedding is a celebration where more than 100 guests are invited. This is rather a festive show, in which the status and spectacular atmosphere are organized by: the host-toastmaster, invited artists, illusionists, singers, dancers and so-called live music.

Camera wedding is a current season trend. This is a real, alive, direct communication (in total there may be only 6 guests: newlyweds, a couple of their parents or 10-20 guests), which is most pleasantly held with a creative host. He will direct the event, becoming its director and scriptwriter, remove awkward pauses; successfully using traditional classic elements, for example: the appearance of a wedding cake or a ritual dance of the bride and groom.

Wedding in the format of a party is modern, stylish and for youthful! A peculiar wedding concept with the condition of availability of seats for elder generation guests, because it will be difficult for them to dance or stay active all evening. Even there is possible to organize a symbolic ceremony: with vows and touching congratulations, and then to held a quest with friends or an interesting master-class.

And now let's look at the peculiar pros and cons of a big and small wedding:

Pros of a big wedding:

  • Opportunity to call all relatives and friends;
  • A large number of presents;
  • On–site registration - in nature or in an unusual place.

Cons of a big wedding:

  • Significant financial expenditures, because it will be necessary to take care of each detail of the celebration: a wedding image designed in the same style for the bride and groom; colorful invitations for guests; an unforgettable bachelor and hen party;
  • A large number of guests is difficult to control, unfamiliar people, who may have come from another city, are forced to sit with strangers and feel uncomfortable in communication;
  • Unnecessary and useless gifts – often come from the careless and not burdened with thoughts – “What original gift to make?” – invited guests.


Pros of a small wedding:

  • The presence at the wedding of only the closest and dearest people to you;
  • The opportunity to pay attention to all guests, and to hold a wedding in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, as they say “family-like”;
  • An extensive selection of venues for the ceremony, taking into account small halls – it can be a cozy cafe with delicious cuisine, a country restaurant, a hotel, a small studio, for example, a loft format;
  • The opportunity to save money and relax abroad.

Cons of a small wedding:

  • Friends and relatives who are not invited to your wedding may feel insulted;
  • Deceptive simplicity, refusal of the services of the organizer and the unique concept of the event, can turn a wedding into another family dinner.

Ashgabat cafe Üzüm can be a win-win option for a modern small wedding. The cozy hall of the institution is designed for up to 80 guests. The space in Üzüm is decorated in an extraordinary way with handmade decorative elements.

The guests of Üzüm will like: polite and qualified staff, delicious dishes of various cuisines of the world, beautiful serving of dishes and atmospheric atmosphere of the establishment.

It should be noted that Üzüm café entered the three best establishments of Turkmenistan by the version of the international travel service – Tripadvisor.

The café is located at the address: 13 Chary Bayryev str. (Mezhlauka). Contact: (+993 12) 36 05 00, (+993 65) 71 87 20.


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