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Girls, such girls: why it is important to spend time with friends


It just so happens that it is women who are more likely to face circumstances that push friendship into the background. Family, work, household chores day after day, and now you have already forgotten when you last met your friend. But friendly communication favorably reflects on mental and physical health.

It is necessary to meet with friends at least once a month. And according to the British professor of psychology at Oxford University Robin Dunbar, two meetings a week with four friends is just a basic need for communication in the female psyche. The author of studies on the socialization of women certainly will not advise bad.

Here are five reasons that indicate that it's time to drop all the hassle and make an appointment with your friends this coming weekend.

Together against stress. Who, if not a close friend, will share sorrows, listen, help to overcome difficult periods in life and cope with fears. Only a woman can feel the depth of experiences and feelings, which is why live communication is so valuable.

Nostalgia. The best friend will not let you forget the bright moments, funny and touching stories from your life.

Common cause. Playing sports, shopping, watching one series, traveling and dozens of other joint activities with friends make life rich, diluting everyday life.

Help, support and advice. A real friend will come to the rescue at any moment. She will cover, inspire, lend a dress, help around the house, pick up words of support and increase self-esteem. One friend can easily replace a psychologist, stylist, nutritionist and a dozen other qualified professionals.

Pleasant trifles. Chat, laugh, show a new haircut - important little things that a woman can share only in the company of her like-minded people, with those with whom she is on the same wavelength.

It is interesting that according to the same professor Robin Dunbar: “People with a wide network of social contacts get sick less, recover faster after operations and have a higher life expectancy, which also affects their children.”

What conclusions can be made?

Find time for friends regardless of the busy schedule, occasions and reasons. The most important thing is a sincere company.

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