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A classic of the genre: marriage proposal in a restaurant


Without a drop of doubt, a marriage proposal is a significant and touching event in the life of every person. The step towards creating a family should be conscious, but at the same time, one should not forget about the romance and tenderness of the moment.

On the shoulders of a man lies the responsibility for organizing a marriage proposal that will be impossible to resist.

First it is necessary to choose a ring – a symbol of the seriousness of the groom’s intentions. A man should take a closer look at the accessories that his beloved wears, which metal she loves more (white, yellow or red gold). If a man has access to his girlfriend’s jewelry, then it is possible find out its size.

  • circle on paper from the inside.
  • measure the diameter with a ruler.
  • measure on yourself, the place where the ring gets stuck should be noted or remembered.

It would not be superfluous to consult whit a friend and mother of the future bride.

The groom should think over and scroll in his head the speech that he will say during the proposal. The words must be sincere, you can remember the first meeting or the moment after which the man realized that she was the one.

If the Muse never came to you while preparing your speech, ask yourself a serious of questions about your relationship:

  • Why did you decided to get married?
  • How do you deal with separation?
  • What difficult situations have you been through together?

The next step is to decide on the location of the event itself. The traditional option is a restaurant or café.

In Ashgabat, the staff at the Üzüm café can help organize a romantic dinner.

What do you need for the perfect evening?

  1. Book a table for the selected date, perhaps it will be the anniversary of your meeting or the birthday of your beloved. Or, for a greater effect to surprise, the cherished event can be held on a weekday.
  2. Discuss the details of the dinner with the manager of the Üzüm café. For example, menu, serving and table décor.

A distinctive feature of the Üzüm café is the ability to order dishes according to the individual wishes of the client. If the girl has a favorite dish or special preferences in food, the chef of the Üzüm café will turn gastronomic fantasies into reality.

Advice, do not hide the ring in food or drinks – it can be dangerous!

When planning an event, you should think about the musical accompaniment. Live music performed by a professional pianist will leave an indelible impression on the evening. And if the couple has a favorite song, then the musician of the Üzüm café will perform it on request.

“For some clients, our establishment has become a kind of talisman. Having met for the first time in Üzüm, now married couples with children come to us regularly”, - said the café manager.

Üzüm café is located at the address: Ashgabat, street Ch. Bayryeva (Mezhlauka), 13 (a former furniture store next to the “Ak Altyn” hotel). Phone for table reservations (+993 12) 36 05 00, (+993 65) 71 87 20.


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