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Bijouterie or jewelry?

Bijouterie or jewelry?

The days are gone when bijouterie was considered a fake of precious stones and metals, a sign of bad taste or a lack of money for “real” jewelry. Today, high-quality bijouterie is exquisite, and sometimes designer accessories that can help create an image, regardless of the occasion.

This publication contains a number of informative facts about bijouterie.

In accordance with open sources, the art of making bijouterie appeared at the end of the XVII century in France, and was a forced measure at that time. So, the French king Louis XIV, in order to correct the financial difficulties of the state, issued a decree “Against luxury” in 1689, according to which all gold and silver items of the courtiers and nobility had to be handed over to the Royal Mint for remelting.

It is curious that the Sun King did not have enough money, as a result, the decree was repeated in 1700. As a result, a large number of outstanding and unique works of French jewelry art perished. However, a sad event in the history of art contributed to the rise of the production of earthenware and the manufacture of jewelry from various alloys.

The Frenchman Georges Frederic Strass left a controversial mark on the history of jewelry. On the one hand, the jeweler invented the technology of preparing artificial stones, which, after cutting, easily imitated a diamond. On the other hand, Georges Strass passed off the glass as original stones and managed to “cheat” quite a few lovers of chic and luxury in his life. After the death of an enterprising adventurer, pseudo-precious stones - rhinestones - will be named in his honor. And after another hundred years, rhinestones will gain worldwide popularity thanks to Daniel Swarovski.


Daniel Swarovski is considered to be the father of luxury jewelry. The innovative technique for the production of Swarovski crystals has been kept in the strictest confidence for more than a hundred years.

One of the first in the fashion industry who was struck by the transparency and brilliance of stones was Christian Dior. He decorated them with jewelry and dresses in his collections. A certain contribution to the popularity of Swarovski also made Marilyn Monroe. In a dress studded with crystals, the actress performed the song Happy Birthday Mr. President on the 45th anniversary of John F. Kennedy.


The legendary fashion designer of the twentieth century, Coco Chanel, did not hesitate to wear bijouterie, the style icon believed: “Jewelry is not created to arouse envy – at best, amazement”. The designer introduced the fashion for long beads made of artificial pearls, stud earrings (studs) and necklaces made of non-precious stones.


Princess Diana often showed public images with inexpensive accessories. So, in the collection of Lady Dee there were earrings worth about 39 USD. And her daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, effortlessly pairs designer outfits with 1,50 pounds earrings.


It's no secret that shopping therapy brings joy to women, but it has been scientifically proven that it is the purchase of bijouterie and jewelry that gives more pleasure. To cheer up, psychologists advise sorting through the contents of their boxes and trying on accessories.

The Ashgabat store "Ýakut daşlar" presents the latest collections of Xuping Jewelry. Jewelry is made from a medical alloy, and the surface is coated with particles of noble metals - rhodium and gold. High-quality zircon and other artificial stones are used in the inlay of jewelry.

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