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Take an example: 7 habits to learn from men

Take an example: 7 habits to learn from men

Probably, every woman at least once in her life ran through the thought that men live easier. And partly this is true. After all, men have a lot of habits and virtues that the beautiful half of humanity should learn from.
Yes, they do not understand all shades of pink, scatter socks and do not close the lid of a tube of toothpaste, but you just have to look at the men in your environment and you will notice at least 7-character traits that will be useful to you in life.

True perfection

Women are fond of tormenting themselves with doubts about their appearance. Insufficiently long legs, thin hair, eyes of the wrong shape, and the eternal search for extra pounds - this is generally a favorite topic of all girls, even slender ones. What are the men doing during this time? They love themselves, idealize themselves, and even a beer belly is not a hindrance when a “lion” or a super macho lives inside you.

Learn to accept flaws and confidence in our attractiveness and beauty.

Thinking too much is bad

How does a woman think? There is a problem and she begins to build a chain of conclusions in her head, they follow one after another and a chain reaction starts. For instance, the spouse forgot to buy something for dessert, the key word - forgot, just didn't remember! However, what can a woman think of: since I forgot, therefore, I was thinking about someone (or about something) else, so I'm not important to him. Immediately, the previous perfect missteps of a man come to the “rescue”, and so on.

Learn not to think for others.

No Drama or calmness, only calmness

If a man fails, then, unlike a woman, he will not begin to delve into himself in search of the cause of the fiasco and certainly will not crucify himself for it. Men are able to show calmness and equanimity, which often annoys women.

Extra nerves are useless, he did everything in his power, and it's time to switch to other problems and concerns.

Learn to be indulgent to ourselves, not to go in cycles and not to dramatize.

Stand up for yourself

If a woman is assertive, clearly knows what she wants and is not afraid to defend her demands, then usually in society she is perceived as an imperious person. Only this definition has rather a negative touch. A man with such a character is a strong personality.

Learn not to be afraid to be a leader, the environment should take into account your opinion. But don't go all out, sometimes just asking for what you need is enough.

Around and around

If a man wants to say something, he just says it directly, using clear language. They do not understand, and sometimes do not notice subtle hints, thoughtful glances, expressive silence, and other “intelligible” signs, according to women. As a result, a quarrel may arise from scratch.

Learn to speak to the point, straightforwardly and simply.

The pursuit of happiness: self-sufficiency and self-confidence


Psychologists say that for most women, the formula for happiness is a loving husband and children. Men, on the contrary, want to feel happy regardless of the environment. In addition to the family, there is also work (career), hobbies, studies and many other opportunities for self-realization.

Learn to love ourselves, take time for ourselves and not wait for someone to make you happy. An inner sense of harmony and happiness is transmitted to loved ones.

Women's solidarity?

There is no doubt about male friendship and solidarity. Women’s support exists, but more often it manifests itself in situations where emotional sympathy is required and if the interests of friends do not affect each other. And conflicts and hostility in the relationship between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law are generally a separate issue. And, perhaps, every woman has at least one story when a “friend” spread gossip behind her back or rejoiced at your failure.

Learn to respect and come to each other's rescue.


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