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Room for a teenager - time for change


How quickly and imperceptibly children grow up. Only recently, your baby went to kindergarten, and today you have an adult, self-willed teenager striving for independence and self-assertion.

Having entered the room of a grown daughter or son, you understand that it is time to change the wallpaper with trains in the nursery, and the functionality does not correspond to the age of your child.

Starting to update the room of a child from 11 years old, it is worth remembering his tastes and hobbies, and be sure to take into account the wishes of a teenager.

First of all, parents need to think over the layout, if earlier the focus was on the space for games, now a comfortable place for study and relaxation comes to the fore.

The ideal area for a workplace in a teenager's room is in front of the window, so daylight will get on the surface of the student's desk longer. The table should be spacious so that the objects and devices necessary for study can easily fit on it. In a room with limited space, a windowsill can be turned into a desk.


Also, for greater comfort, you should look at the models of chairs and armchairs, the height of which is adjusted as the child grows.

The health of the child's eyes depends on the lighting in the room, therefore, in addition to natural light, which is not always enough due to weather conditions or the location of the apartment, it is necessary to install several sources of artificial light. There must be either a central chandelier or spotlights around the perimeter, as well as several auxiliary groups - a table lamp, sconces, etc.

An additional local light source is needed next to the desk. If the child is right-handed, then it is installed on the left and on the right side if he is left-handed.

Of course, the room should have a full sleeping area. If the quadrature of the room permits, then you can install a spacious bed, if not, you should pay attention to pullout beds or transforming sofas.


Also, parents should not forget that friends can come to a teenager. The best solution would be beanbags or puffs, on which young people can comfortably sit.

When it comes to storage, the more, the better. It will be easier for a teenager to keep order with a functional storage system: wall cabinets, a variety of drawers, open and closed shelves, etc.

Remember that in the wardrobe of a teenage girl, as a rule, there are a lot of outfits, so the closet must be spacious. And if the child is fond of sports, then a corner with awards and cups placed on it will be appropriate.

With the zoning of the room, everything is clear, but what about the style and color scheme. Designers advise choosing a neutral color palette for walls and furniture: beige, white, gray, black, wood. And the interior of the room should be done in a minimalist style, so that teenagers feel freer.


At first glance, this may seem boring, but we are talking only about finishing, because the brightness of the interior depends more on accessories and decor items. Children love to reflect their hobbies in the interior, so elements, posters, reminiscent of a child’s hobby or idol, can personalize the space.

There are many options in the design of the room, the most important thing is to listen to the wishes of the child and not be afraid to let the teenager himself make decisions.

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