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Heartbreak Museum – Real Love Stories


In addition to traditional art and history museums, there are not quite ordinary ones, for instance, the Museums of Broken Hearts in the capital of Croatia – Zagreb.

The idea to collect items that hold memories of relationships came to a Croatia couple who decided to leave after four years of marriage. Creative people by profession, producer Olinka Vištica and sculpture Dražen Grubišić creatively approached memorable little things that were a pity to throw away.

“This is a physical and virtual space created for the sole purpose of storing and sharing their sad stories and symbolic things. This is a museum about us, about you, about how we love and what we lose”, say the creators.

Among the exhibits of the museum are gifts from former lovers, love letters and other items that have played an important role in someone’s life. There are a wedding dress sealed in a jar, a bottle of women’s tears, an ax and much more in the Museum of Broken Hearts. Each exposition is accompanied by a sing on which the period of the relationship and brief history of the couple are indicated, and titles with the names of the main characters run across the screen.

Postcard from Yerevan

A 70 years old resident of Yerevan sent a postcard with the image of lovers to the Museum.

The letter said: “Here is a postcard that the son of our neighbors slipped through the crack of my door a long time ago. He was in love with me for three years”.

The girl’s parents refused the boyfriend’s matchmakers, saying that he was not worthy of their daughter. That same evening, a young man died after driving his car down a cliff.

Plush dog

A woman from Netherlands shared her love story. She received a plush dog Snoopy for her 17th birthday from her future husband. After 30years of marriage, in which three sons were born, the man left for another woman.
“He fell in love with another woman and chose her… He broke my heart. Saying that these 30 years did not really love me. I do not understand”.

Italy map and love letter

History of a Croatian and an Italian. Drawing a map of Italy on a plain sheet of a book, he said, “One day I’ll ride you in the back seat of a Vespa scooter across the country”. But the man disappeared without fulfilling his promise, and the letter with the map was presented to the Museum of Broken Hearts.

100 of Swedish crown

The love story of a Swede and Italian ended with the departure of the boy to his homeland. She gave him 100 of Swedish crown with the words “When you come, we will spend it together”. Alas, he never returned.

Watch “We broke up on Skype”

A love story in the distance. The couple maintained a relationship and broke up over Skype. It was from this clock that she determined the time for the call, and the same clock hung in front of her when she wrote him the last “Farewell”.

Broken love letter

After parting with him by e-mail, the girl emotionally deleted all his letter. Then she decided to write a farewell letter by hand, which she then glued to the mirror and broke it into small pieces. “It was a symbolic gesture, a kind of ritual that helped me start a new life”, said the owner of the exhibit.

Frisbee plate

The boy made a fatal mistake by giving a flying Frisbee disc for the two-year relationship. Having received a plastic gift, the girl left the young man without a shadow of a doubt. As a warming to all representatives of the male, the disc is exhibited as an exhibit of the Museum of Broken Hearts.

The Museum of Broken Hearts was named the best museum in Croatia. Anyone wishing to share their love story can send a symbolic little thing for them as a gift to the Museum.


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