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Doping for the skin: how the active ingredients in the composition of creams "work"

Doping for the skin: how the active ingredients in the composition of creams "work"

The shelves of shops and pharmacies are filled with many multi-colored jars and tubes of creams, sometimes the eyes run wide from such an abundance. The beauty industry is constantly expanding innovative components in the composition of skin care cosmetics. In this article, we will analyze some of the ingredients in the composition of creams, from what and for what they are used.

Retinol cream

Retinol (vitamin A) has a powerful effect on acne, and is also an effective anti-wrinkle and skin lifting agent. But you need to be careful with it, because with excessive use it can cause dryness and flaking of the skin. Retinol cream will help reduce acne, scars, smooth wrinkles, improve skin texture. The composition is indicated as: Retinyl palmitate, Retinyl acetate, Retinol.

Hyaluronic acid cream

An important component that provides skin elasticity. Hyaluronic acid helps retain water in the intercellular space, and moisture is the main source of beautiful and healthy skin. The composition is indicated as: Hyaluronic acid, Sodium hyaluronic acid, Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, Sodium hyaluronate.

Vitamin C cream

Many are familiar with the pigments formed as a result of a long pastime under the sun, from traces of acne and freckles. The best way to fight them is a cream that contains vitamin C. And to prevent these spots, use creams with SPF or vitamin C whenever you walk on sunny days. The composition is indicated as: Ascorbyl palmitate, Ascorbyl Glucoside, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, L-Ascorbic Acid, Rosa Canina Extract, Hippophae rhamnoides fruit extract.

Collagen cream

Collagen is protein that is found in all tissues of the body and provides their firmness and elasticity. At about 25-30 years old, the amount of collagen decreases, and the process of its natural production slows down, the skin loses its elasticity, becomes flabby, and the oval of the face “floats”. Therefore, collagen is most often found in anti-aging creams and serums. The composition is indicated as: Collagen, Hydrolyzed collagen.

Cream with mucin of snails

The discovery of this miraculous component belongs to Korean scientists. Creams, essences and serums based on mucin (mucus) of the snail have occupied the niche of bestsellers among the care cosmetics for mature skin. Mucin contains antiseptics, elastin, hyaluronate, collagen, chitosan, allantoin, as well as vitamin C, E, A, group B. The composition is indicated as: Snail Secretion Filrate

Interesting fact: The more ingredients in cosmetics, the more effective it is? This is not true! Studies have shown, that the presence of two or three active ingredients against one does not make cosmetics more effective!

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