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Pharmacy: the world behind the glass

Pharmacy: the world behind the glass

Pharmacy. People come here to get an advice on treatment and purchase the necessary medicine.

In everyday of life, we do not even think about how the working process of the pharmacy goes, taking the work of the staff for granted. But the work of each pharmacy is based on clearly coordinated processes, consisting of separate subsequent events. Before finished drugs and medicine are put on display, they will go a long way of preparation. For sale, first of all you, must form and work out an assortment, identify suppliers, take an order and accept it, label and chip the product, organize proper storage, and only after that correctly arrange a showcase.

So who works at the pharmacy

Most buyers believe that there are not so many employees in the pharmacy – pharmacists at the cash-desk and an administrator. However, this is not true. The entire staff the pharmacy can be conditionally divided into 3 groups:

  • Administrative staff – director, pharmacy manager and other leading positions;
  • Pharmaceutical staff – chemists and pharmacists;
  • Support staff – pharmacy warehouse staff, packer, etc.

Pharmacists and chemists at the foremost of pharmacy

What will help with insomnia? How to replace the drug? How to treat a sore throat? Is there a cheaper analogue? Going to a pharmacy, people often ask similar questions and pharmacists give recommendations. Pharmacy employees have special pharmaceutical education. It is important to understand: they are not doctors, they do not have the right to diagnose, prescribe treatment or write prescriptions, but they can give competent advice to pharmacists and chemists.

The main difference between a pharmacist and a chemist is in special education, and specialist with a higher pharmaceutical education can work in the position of a “pharmacist”. To work as a “pharmacist”, you must have a secondary pharmaceutical education. The required knowledge includes: physicochemical properties of drugs, dosage, application, storage rules, and it is also necessary to understand the raw materials for the manufacture of drugs. Besides them both specialists study Latin.

Nevertheless, for effective work, pharmacy specialists, besides a diploma have to study regularly, confirming their qualifications.

The staff of the Ashgabat pharmacy Şypaly Çomuç also do not have doubts about training the staff.

“There are no trifles in our work. The pharmaceutical industry does not stand still, the pharmacy assortment is constantly replenished with new drugs, therefore, for competent advice, our employees have to constantly develop, improving their qualifications. A modern pharmacist should have an idea of various diseases, understand the principles of the effects of drugs on human body”, shared the pharmacist of Şypaly Çomuç with the editorial board of “Turkmenportal”.

And to understand the effect of the drug to the common man could help the instructions posted on Şypaly Çomuç pharmacy’s website. If a customer wants to compare several drugs or wants to compose a first-aid kit, and maybe he buys the same drug all the time, then he can significantly simplify his task by registering at, add the desiring drug to the “Wish list” and do not waste time on searching and put in order easily.

The pharmacy is located in Ashgabat, Sona-Muradova street (house) 21. Working hours: from 8:00 to 23:00.


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