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Coworking centers: what is it and what is their convenience


A new word is gradually entering the lexicon of a modern person - “coworking”.

What is behind this term?

A coworking center is a type of office space that employs people from a variety of companies, not from one company.

The first coworking center appeared in 2005 in the USA thanks to the programmer Brad Newberg, but the very idea of such a room belongs to the designer of computer games of the late 90s of the twentieth century, Bernie DeKoven.

Who is coworking for?

Some of the clients of coworking centers rent a single workplace, some of them rent several at once, and some rent a meeting room for several hours. Coworking is a great way out for freelancers - freelancers, business travelers, as well as for those who for some reason cannot work from home or for start-ups - novice businessmen who are not yet financially able to rent a full-fledged office.

How is coworking more convenient than a regular office?

As a rule, workplaces in coworking spaces are already equipped with everything necessary - furniture, office equipment, work equipment, internet, electrics. This also includes cleaning services. Cleaning fees, electricity, water, internet and other amenities are usually already included in the rental price by default.

In coworking, you can rent a workplace for yourself or your staff, a separate meeting room, a small room for conferences and lectures, as well as a soundproof box for working via Skype and other methods of video communication - a great option for online tutors.

The coworking center assumes the absence of a rigid schedule and allows you to choose the most convenient hours for work. Here you can either just work or conduct negotiations or classes in offline and online format, organize a conference, lecture, seminar or exam. In addition, renting a workplace in a coworking center eliminates the routine of paperwork for renting a full-fledged office.

Are there similar centers in Turkmenistan?

Yes, in February 2020, the first co-working center in Turkmenistan, “Ish Nokady”, appeared in Ashgabat, and it is very popular with young entrepreneurs, self-employed, and beginner IT specialists. Convenient location with cafes and shops within walking distance, high-speed internet, favorable rent (cash, card, transfer) and included cleaning services make “Ish Nokady” an ideal option for fruitful work.

What are the advantages of choosing “Ish Nokady” coworking center?

1. Favorable rent and convenient payment method (bank card, transfer, cash).
2. High-speed Internet up to 20 Mbps.
3. Availability of cleaning services, always clean rooms.
4. The ability to choose your own working hours, the absence of a rigid schedule.
5. No need to deal with documentation related to renting an office.
6. Flexible system of discounts, especially for those who rent jobs for long periods.
7. Opportunity to participate in all events taking place in the coworking center for personal development.
8. Convenient location of the center, the possibility of relaxing in specially equipped areas or cafeterias with a cup of coffee.

Coworking gives you the opportunity to combine work and communication with many interesting people, helps you make useful connections, and also allows you to become a participant in various educational and broadening events and trainings.

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