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The history and the present of gift wrapping

The history and the present of gift wrapping

These days, beautiful packaging is an integral part of any gift. It can be bright and discreet, cardboard, paper or plastic. But whatever it is, gift wrapping will certainly create a festive mood.

In ancient times and in the Middle Ages, people, as a rule, used natural materials as gift wrapping - wide leaves, empty pumpkin shells, wicker baskets, animal skins, then - chests, barrels and boxes made of the same wood, glass and ceramics, metal products, paper and silk, and in the twentieth century - plastic and polyethylene. True, all these items were not made specifically as holiday packaging, but were simply used for the occasion.

The idea of presenting gifts in small elegant boxes belongs to Italians - they were the first to make them for presents in the form of sweets. Such boxes began to be called bonbonnieres (from the French bonbon - candy). Then this idea spread to jewelers, who appreciated the opportunity to pack their products in beautiful boxes decorated with velvet and silk. In the nineteenth century, even a separate profession appeared as a manufacturer of boxes, including gift boxes.

The boxes were handcrafted from cardboard and were mostly oval or round in shape. The customers of the cardboard containers were usually confectioners, hatters, jewelers, owners of ready-to-wear shops, and pharmacists.

With the development of technology, the production of folding cardboard boxes of square and rectangular shapes, with printed or pasted on decorative paper, began.

When choosing packaging for a gift, they are guided primarily by its size - the packaging should not greatly exceed the size of the gift (unless this is a friendly joke, when a small gift is packed in a huge box). Packaging for a man's gift is usually chosen in a more restrained design and color scheme, while there are many more options for a woman's or children's gift.

Nowadays, gift wrapping is made most often from polymers (plastic, expanded polystyrene or polyethylene) or cardboard, less often from metal. Bright sparkling polymer film of various colors gives an elegant look to even the most modest gift, and a beautiful cardboard or tin box can serve as a container in the future, moreover, it will help to preserve the memory of the gift or its giver.

In Turkmenistan, the idea of manufacturing original packaging was taken up by the company for the production of polystyrene products Ak Hünji. Various forms of foam can be filled with flowers, candies, even balloons, in a word - whatever. Forms can have any shape - round, square, in the form of a flower, heart, crown, number or word, it all depends on the wishes and imagination of the customer. The same is with the sizes - they can vary, depending on what they are to be filled with. Such forms for decorating souvenirs look unusual and original and create a truly festive mood.

The business company Ak Hünji has been producing thermal insulation and decorative building materials made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and sandwich panels for over 10 years. The company actively participates in exhibitions, demonstrating both finished products and raw materials that are used in production.

Due to the quality of its products, Ak Hünji ES occupies a strong position in the domestic building materials market in Turkmenistan.



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