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Overview of current projects of the diversified company Lotta Business Group


Lotta Business Group is a rapidly developing diversified company specializing in the provision of services for e-commerce projects and FMCG distribution, consulting for small and large businesses, implementation of ERP and CRM systems, development of its own IT products, and includes the following business projects:

Lotta Distribution is an experienced and flexible company with a large portfolio of brands, for more than 13 years it has been one of the leaders in the distribution business in the Turkmenistan market. In its work, the organization uses the latest business technologies, as a result of which it has maintained a leading position for a long time. Lotta Distribution is a stable and reliable partner, transparent and open in business relations. More information about the company's activities can be found on the website

Arassa Nusga is a consulting company providing a wide range of professional services, namely:

Development of a mobile application for company executives with data visualization (dashboards), implementation of ERP Logo for management accounting, development of an exclusive analytics system based on Big Data, implementation of an online office system CRM Bitrix24, development of websites, implementation of international ISO standards, as well as training of employees and construction of processes in your company for the successful functioning of the services offered.

Arassa Nusga takes an innovative approach to solving business problems. More detailed information on the company's activities can be found on the website

Dukanym is a unique B2B online trading platform that meets the needs of manufacturers, suppliers, store owners and companies in one place. At this site, business owners can quickly order all the necessary goods of any category, and suppliers receive an additional resource for selling their products throughout Turkmenistan. For more information, you can follow the link:

Bazarym is the leading b2c trading platform in Turkmenistan. This is a new format of e-commerce in the domestic market - Marketplace, which gives the buyer a convenient service, unlimited choice for purchases and the best prices, and the supplier - the opportunity to sell easily and efficiently. For a more detailed acquaintance with the marketplace, follow the link: is an online platform for placing ads for real estate throughout Turkmenistan, providing a convenient interface for searching, buying, selling and renting housing, as well as a whole list of various services for consumer services and legal support. It doesn't matter if you are looking for an apartment to rent, are about to move to a new office, have decided to start renovations or you need legal advice, will help you resolve any issue online without leaving your home. For more information follow the link: is an online cosmetics project that combines an individual approach to a client and a service based on modern technologies. Well-known brands, wide assortment, 24/7 service and delivery in major cities of the country. Highly qualified sales consultants and makeup artists are always ready to help the client make a choice and share all the intricacies of using cosmetics, both online and offline in beauty bars. For more information, follow the link:

The OUTS is an online store for everyone who loves to free express their uniqueness and stand out from the crowd. The OUTS stores offer clothing and accessories in a variety of contemporary styles. Customers can choose any convenient way of shopping: online, offline or by pre-order. For more information you can follow the link:

Lotta Business Group is a prime example of the formation of a diversified holding company. The company positions itself as a single center between manufacturers, suppliers, sellers and consumers, based on modern technologies. In its activities, the company uses not only standard directions and distribution channels, but is also actively engaged in e-commerce, relying on its many years of experience, knowledge and tools.

According to Lotta Business Group employees, one of the most important and relevant qualities of successful people is to do while others delay and delay. Since it is the necessary actions that are the fuel of success.


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