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School of Law Business and Technology

Туркменистан, Ашхабад, ул. 10 Йыл Абаданчылык (Московская), дом. 151 ("Bouygues") 1 этаж.
(+993 64) 62 19 75.

School of Law Business and Technology business center is a training center, its office building is located at Ashgabat, st. 1945 (10 yil Abadanchylyk, Moskovsky prospect), house 151. It was created on October 25, 2011. The training center has a solid base for conducting educational and training courses. At the moment, more than 9,000 students have been trained in our center, the teaching staff is 30 people, 50% of which are teachers with more than 25 years of experience.

Working hours: from 9-00 to 21.00. Training is conducted in the morning, afternoon and evening at a time convenient for the audience. Coffee breaks are organized during breaks. Upon completion of the courses, certificates of the established form are issued.

Different groups operate at different times 9.00-10.30, 11.00-12.30, 15.00-16.30, 17.00-18.30, 18.30-20.00, 18.30-21.00. The contingent of students is the most diverse, both in terms of the social status of parents and family upbringing, and in terms of learning ability.

Average classroom occupancy is 13-15 people. There are 19 classrooms in total. Of these, there are 6 large classrooms (designed for 25-30 people), 2 mini-classrooms (10 people) and the rest of the classrooms for 13-15 people, which are equipped with interactive whiteboards, projectors, computers and other types of equipment. They listened to our center, completing our courses in various areas, they successfully find employment, enter various universities in our city, and also go to study abroad, including the cities of Russia, the USA, etc. The school provides a variety of additional education.

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