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The wedding ended in divorce because of a joke with a piece of cake


In the UK, the family life of two newlyweds ended a day after the wedding with a high-profile divorce due to an unsuccessful joke with a cake, writes the Mirror.

Shortly before the wedding, the bride warned the groom that she could not stand jokes involving pieces of birthday cake being thrown in the face. As a teenager, her mother played a prank on her and resulted in her face being cut by a cake decoration. She threatened that if he tried to make fun of her in the same way, it would lead to a breakup.

The groom did not heed the warnings and, at the wedding ceremony, still threw a piece of cake in the bride’s face, ruining her festive makeup, hairstyle and dress. The girl immediately left the ceremony.

Attempts by the groom and the bride's relatives to reason with the girl led nowhere. The offended bride filed for divorce less than a day after the wedding, because she felt that the groom was unable and unwilling to listen to her requests. The groom thinks that she simply doesn’t understand jokes.

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