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Case closed: British police found out the reason for the appearance of gnomes on the house lawns


Since the beginning of September, residents of the town of Bruton in Wales have noticed that figurines of gnomes began to appear on the lawns in front of houses, which are carried by unknown people under the guise of postmen. The British police came to the aid of the inhabitants, who not only found out the origin of the Christmas gnomes, but also issued a warning. This is told by “MIR 24”, referring to Sky News.

According to the official version of the North Wales Police Department, the toys are tags for thieves. If the gnome remains in its place for several days, then the attackers decide that there are no owners at home, and it can be easily cleaned.

Residents of Bruton were advised to check for constipation and remove unknown objects from the local area. CCTV cameras, night lighting and alarms are also recommended, the source notes.

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