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ISMEO resumes archaeological excavations in Turkmenistan


Archaeologists of the International Association for Mediterranean and Oriental Studies (ISMEO) are resuming excavations on the territory of ancient Margush (the activity of the “Togolok-1” project) in Turkmenistan.

This is reported by “Greater Asia” with reference to the press service of the Italian Embassy in Ashgabat.

The ancient state of Margush (Margianna) belongs to the V-III centuries BC. The first written mention of it is found in the Zoroastrian Avesta.

The Togolok complex consists of more than 30 settlements. Previous studies have helped to clarify the intensity of integration between farmers and pastoralists and the impact of the corresponding process on the transformation of the local economy.

The “Togolok-1” project is being implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ISMEO, the Department of the History of Culture and Civilization of the University of Bologna, the University of Naples L’Orientale, the source notes.

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