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Musical collection of romances by Nury Halmamedov presented in Astrakhan


At the First International Forum of Composers of the Caspian Countries, which takes place in Astrakhan within the framework of the "Caspian Seasons", the presentation of Nury Halmamedov's musical collection "Selected vocal compositions for soprano and piano" was held.

The collection was published with the support of the Organizing Committee of the Moscow International Festival of Arts "Sounds of Dutar" named after Nury Halmamedov in honor of the composer's 85th birthday.

The collection presents selected romances by Nury Halmamedov for soprano and piano, edited by opera singer Darya Huseynova. According to the press release of the "Sounds of Dutar" Organizing Committee, these works belong to the pinnacle of the composer's vocal creativity.

D. Huseynova in this work shared the results of her many years of experience. She began performing the works of the great Turkmen composer in 2014. Today her repertoire is very wide and includes many works by N. Halmamedov.

The collection also included the vocal cycle "Unheard Songs of the Children of Hiroshima and Nagasaki", which inspired her to write a scientific work. The performance version presented in the book was the result of the practical implementation of the artistic and creative project of her dissertation “The problem of interpreting the theme of childhood in vocal cycles” (on the example of Nury Halmamedov’s vocal cycle “Unheard Songs of the Children of Hiroshima and Nagasaki”).

Illustrations by Darya Huseynova were also used in the design of the collection.

Earlier we reported that Mammad Huseynov will represent Turkmenistan at the I International Forum of Composers of the Caspian Countries.

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