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Six people were injured during the bull run in Spain


At least six people were injured during this year's first bull run at the San Fermin festival in the Spanish Pamplona (autonomous region of Navarre), reports “MIR 24” with reference to the regional branch of the Red Cross on Twitter.

The race started on Thursday, July 6, traditionally starting at exactly 08:00 am local time, and lasted about three minutes.

The festival in honor of St. Fermin, who is the patron saint of Navarre, will last a week. It is widely known for its daily encierro, a run from 12 angry bulls, during which hundreds of people, pursued by animals released from pens, run down a narrow street for several minutes. During the famous morning run of the bulls, serious misfortunes occur almost every year.

Both locals and tourists can take part in the race.

Let us remind that out of more than 216 hours of celebration, the encierro itself lasts about a quarter of an hour. The rest of the time is round-the-clock fun, ritual festivities, carnivals, processions of huge dolls, costume performances, performances by street artists, bullfights.

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