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China is testing a suspended train without a driver


In the Chinese city of Wuhan, an overhead monorail is being tested, along which an unmanned train is launched, reports RT.

Suspended unmanned train can accommodate up to 200 passengers and is capable of speeds up to 60 km/h. The train has an intelligent security system and is a cheap alternative to the regular subway. Glass panels are built into the floor of the carriages, which, together with ordinary windows, opens up a magnificent view in all directions. The course of the train is characterized by increased smoothness, shaking is almost not felt.

According to the chief designer of the drone train, Wang Kecheng, it can be used to move passengers from point A to point B in large cities, for example, from an airport to a train station or bus station, or between terminals of large airports, as well as between two areas of metropolitan areas.

It is expected that the unmanned aerial train will be put into operation this year.

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