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The prizewinners of international online-contest “The Magic of friendship” became the pupils of Art school of Turkmenabat city


The pupils of Art school of Turkmenabat city won the prizes of V International art online-contest “The Magic of friendship”, which was held in Azerbaydzhan (Baku). The children of many countries participated in the contest under the name “The tales of my country”.

The age of participants was from 6 to 16 years. The children and youth development center became the organizer of the contest.

The authoritative jury of eminent personalities of art and experts of painting highly evaluated the talent of Turkmen children.

The pupils of Art school were warded with medals and diplomas of the contest.

Muhammedova Roza “Dev” – I place, Saidova Elnara “Yartygulak” – II place, Hudayberdiyeva Jennet “Greedy shah” - II place, Hyakimova Mahriban graphic, “Yartygulak” – II place, Muradova Aynura graphic, “Yartygulak” – III place, Ishankulyyev Kerim “Ak-Pamyk” – III place.

In nominations “Painting” and “Graphic Arts” the children depicted imaginative characters of main heroes of Turkmen fairy-tales, traditions and customs, the national clothes and the beauty of Turkmen nature.

Muhammedova Roza, Saidova Elnara, Hudayberdiyeva Jennet also participated in a prestigious international art online-contest “A Miracle of Hamsa” (Baku) and also were awarded the diplomas and highest degrees. The contest was held in honour of the nationalist of classical azerbaydzhan literature Nizami Gyandzhevi.

The participants of the contest were the children of Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaydzhan.

The ministry of Education and Science of Azerbaydzhan republic and the Children and Youth development center together were the promoters of the contest.

Yelena Ishankulyyeva – the master and mentor of art school of Turkmenabat city was marked with the thank-you letter for the professional help and discovery of young talents.

Yelena Ishankulyyeva graduated from the State Academy of Art of Turkmenistan (2001-2007). She herself is the student of famous art masters of Turkmenistan – Dursunsolmas Muhammedova, Aleksey Kinyakin, Dilarom Yakubova. Yelena is the author of unique art projects. She works in silk graphic. Her paintings like: “Spring”, “My friends”, “Angel” are shown art galleries and art forums.

She is a remarkable teacher with great experience, she helps students to find themselves in art and show their inner world in the paintings.

Yelena Ishankulyyeva says:

“Every child is a bright personality, that doesn’t keeps himself, boldly expresses his feelings, emotions, thoughts, spirit; opens hardly seen details. Because of painting children develop their originality, individuality and bring harmony, purity and sincerely to the world. The festivals and contest open the creativity of the children and coordinate seminal popularization and cross-pollination of the cultures”.

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