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A new hydraulic facility was put into operation in the Gyzylarbat etrap of Turkmenistan


A new hydraulic facility was put into operation on the territory of the Gyzylarbat etrap of the Balkan velayat of Turkmenistan, reports the “Golden Age” electronic newspaper.

Representatives of the administration of the Balkan velayat and etraps, members of public organizations and the elders of the country took part in the celebrations on this occasion.

The project was implemented by the Institute “Turkmensuvylmytaslama” of the State Committee for Water Resources of Turkmenistan on the basis of the order of the Main Directorate for the Construction of Water Systems and Facilities of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection by order of the Production Department of the State Committee for Water Resources “Garagum Altyn asyr Turkmen kol gurlushyk”.

A water-regulating and overlapping structure with a capacity of 68,2 cubic meters per second was built at the 1006th kilometer of the Karakum River.

The dam, designed to effectively regulate the water level of the 5th aquifer complex at the 1002nd kilometer of the Karakum River, will provide the western region of Turkmenistan with water in the hot season. Because of this, the new hydraulic structure is of particular importance for irrigating farmland and thousands of hectares of cultivated fields.

During the ceremony, the specialists who distinguished themselves in the construction of a new water management complex were presented with valuable gifts on behalf of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov.

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