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Turkmen clothing brand Däp started selling its products on Trendyol


Däp is expanding its sales geography. The Turkmen clothing brand appeared on the online showcase of one of the most popular Turkish marketplaces Trendyol.

Now limited Däp collections, the unique design of which conveys the original cultural values and traditions of the Turkmen people, will be available to foreign purchasers.

“We are starting to develop new markets so that people from other countries can get acquainted with Däp products that preserve the national spirit, conveyed through modern trends. It is also important for us that everyone who misses Turkmenistan can purchase our clothes for themselves or as a gift to their loved ones.

The entry into the Trendyol marketplace is a milestone and we promise that soon more people around the world will be able to purchase Däp”, - said a brand spokesperson.

You can find a clothing brand in Trendyol by writing in the search box - Dap clothing.

Purchasers of the online platform already have access to various brand products, including Däp bestsellers: T-shirts with embroidery “Alabai”, “Horse” and Göz degmesin.

You can learn more about the Däp range at Trendyol by clicking on the link.

Residents of Turkmenistan can also visit the brand's brand stores in Ashgabat at the following addresses: Ashgabat shopping center (B-1.32) and “Berkarar” Shopping and Entertainment Center (B57B).

Contact information:

  • phone: (+993 61) 85 77 70, (+993 64) 58 73 88;
  • page in the social network.

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