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Clothing from the Däp brand is gaining popularity in Turkmenistan


The Turkmen clothing brand Däp won the trust and love of the residents of Ashgabat and other large cities of the country in the first years of its existence. Today, even those who are practically not interested in fashion trends are gradually beginning to recognize his label.

A group of like-minded people who set out to create comfortable clothes from pleasant fabrics that reflect the history and modernity of Turkmenistan founded and registered the brand in 2018.

“We really wanted to keep in memory long lines of caravans, high Turkmen mountains, beautiful girls in national jewelry, historical monuments and wide expanses. It was very important to preserve modern trends, trendy prints and comfortable lines,” the founders of the brand say about the creation of the brand on a page on the social network.

Today Däp creates clothes for the whole family. T-shirts, polo shirts, dresses, joggers, shorts, hoodies, sweatshirts with designs and images on the Turkmen theme are presented in the assortment. The style of many models is equally suitable for both men and women.

Collections in Däp stores are replenished once a season. Every month, the brand releases a limited collection of clothes with original prints and embroideries that reflect the life and culture of the Turkmen people.

The brand also has a small collection of accessories: caps, bucket hats, socks, bags, postcards, phone cases and eco-cushions.

It is available to purchase Däp clothes in branded stores in Ashgabat, which are located in the Shopping and Entertainment Center “Berkarar” (1st floor, shop B57b) and Shopping Center “Ashgabat” (B-1.32). You can get acquainted with the assortment and order clothes on the social network page and by phone (+993 61) 85 77 70.

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