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The new Däp Community collection for individual style


The Turkmen brand of modern clothing Däp has prepared for the release of a new capsule collection Däp Community for different manifestations of individuality.

As it is known, fashion is what passes, and image is what remains. That's the main goal of the new collection - to become a link for people of completely different professions, interests and fields of activity. For those who appreciate comfort, ease in clothes and want to preserve their personal style, using visual techniques for self-expression.

The Däp Community capsule collection includes warm hoodies, straight-cut trousers, joggers, dresses and even jumpsuits that can be easily integrated into any outfit. Each product is combined with each other in texture and color.

Elements and accessories have also been created especially for the new clothes, complementing the unique image: bomber jackets with embroidery, warm scarves (for adults and children), knitted hats, shopping bags.

Creativity brings people together, according to the designers of the Däp brand. That is why, together with the capsule collection, a separate line Art Collection is being prepared for release. It will include products with images and prints in a new interpretation of Turkmen folklore.

Particular attention in the Art series is given to iconic works of art. In the fusion of modernity and historical and cultural heritage, prints have acquired a special train that conveys the national philosophy - honoring traditions and the spirit of patriotism.

Memorable prints will be the hallmark of the image in the autumn-winter season, and the capsule collection will fit into any wardrobe. That is why Däp is a brand that unites.

You can purchase Däp clothes and get acquainted with new products in branded stores located in the city of Ashgabat.

Address: “Berkarar” Shopping and Entertainment Center (1st floor, shop B57b); “Ashgabat” Shopping and Entertainment Center (B-1.32).

Phone: (+993 61) 85 77 70.

The entire range of products is presented on the page in the social network.

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