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“Microsoft” announced the release of ChatGPT-4 with support for images and video


Updated to the fourth version of the ChatGPT neural network with image and video options, it will debut next week. This was stated by “Microsoft” CTO Andreas Braun at the AI in Focus – Digital Kickoff forum in Germany, writes Naked Science.

According to him, GPT-4 will be much more advanced than its predecessors and will provide users with an abundance of new features, including a video generation function and multi-modal models for interacting with the audience through text, sounds, images and other modes.

Last month, OpenAI announced that it is working on a ChatGPT mobile app that will run on GPT-4 AI technology. The novelty will permit users to create videos using artificial intelligence, thereby emphasizing the new features of GPT-4.

The fourth version of GPT will permit users to shoot video using AI and generate responses faster than GPT 3.5. It is also planned that GPT-4 will become more “human”: her answers will be more like the answers of a live interlocutor.

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