Turkmen manufacturer of Sahabatly cheese is working on expanding the ruler


The company for the production of dairy products of Sahabatly in the Geokdepe Etrape of the Ahal -altitude velayat is active working on the release of new types of cheeses. According to the representative of the economic company, new products will appear in the middle of this year.

Today, Sahabatly produces two types of cheese under the names of Paytagt and Dilim. Also in the assortment of the enterprise are dozens of types of dairy products: milk, kefir, ayran, suzma, sour cream, cottage cheese.

It is worth noting that the Sahabatly business society has been working in the Turkmenistan market since 2014, supplying fresh dairy products to shops across the country.

In addition, part of the Sahabatly territory is reserved for the livestock complex, which grows 455 heads of cattle and 517 heads of small cattle. To supply the farm with food, 600 hectares of land are allocated for growing corn, rape, alfalfa and triticale.

ES Sahabatly pays great attention to the correct selection of equipment for their staff. Sewing a convenient and reliable uniform, the enterprise, which meets working conditions, entrusted HO SARAYAN.

Contacs of ES Sahabatly (+993 61) 17 44 34.

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