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Abnormally cold weather is expected in Turkmenistan

Abnormally cold weather is expected in Turkmenistan

Abnormally cold weather is expected on the whole territory of Turkmenistan, reports Meteojournal.

On January 9, the cold weather will come to the north of the country, and on January 10 – to the southern regions.

In some areas, the temperature is expected to be 10-16 degrees below the climatic norm. Such cold snap will last until the middle of the second decade of January.

In the north, frosts will be expected up to 15-20 degrees, partially below -20°.

The source notes that even in the south (except the southwest), the minimum temperature is forecast below -10°.

Recently we have already reported that a sharp cold snap is expected in Turkmenistan after relative warm days due to the arctic air masses that are actively moving south through the European territory of Russia and western Kazakhstan.

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