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The Commission on Economic Issues of the CIS countries touched upon the topics of insurance services and e-commerce

The Commission on Economic Issues of the CIS countries touched upon the topics of insurance services and e-commerce

In Moscow took place a regular meeting of the Commission on Economic Issues of the CIS countries, in the work of which took part the delegation from Turkmenistan.

The Commonwealth representatives discussed a wide range of issues of economic cooperation, reports the press-service of the CIS Executive Commission.

During the meeting special attention was paid to the revision of the issue on implementation of the List of joint measures to respond to emerging problems. In addition, the parties considered a draft of the Protocol on Amendments to the Agreement on the Rules for Determining the Country of Origin of Goods in the CIS.

A report on the development of the insurance services market in the CIS was considered during the meeting. The members of the Commission are presented with the results of current activities on the development of the legislative framework and market mechanisms in the field of insurance. It was noted that at the moment, measures to support the insurance market are being developed and implemented in the CIS, in particular, it was about functioning institutions of the insurance market – car insurers, actuaries, life insurers, etc.

During the meeting, the issue of methods and algorithms for consumer protection in electronic commerce was also considered.

The most pressing issues of consumer protection in the context of electronic commerce are the security of online payments, the purchase of intangible products with digital content, the protection of consumers' personal data, the reliability of information about goods, the consumer's ability to interact with the seller (effective feedback that builds consumer confidence in sellers), providing a mechanism for the return of low-quality goods, refund by the seller of funds for the goods returned by the consumer (high-quality or low-quality).

The members of the Commission were also presented the information on the results of the implementation of the Action Plan for 2021 – 2022 on the implementation of the Memorandum on deepening cooperation between the Eurasian Economic Commission and the Executive Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The issue on execution of the Plan of priority measures in the field of innovative energy development and the development of advanced energy technologies were considered.

It was noted that the CIS countries conduct a systematic policy to stimulate the development and implementation of the latest technologies and materials in the fuel and energy complex, to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

The Commission members also got acquainted with the execution of the long–term Plan of joint work on exploration, use and protection of the subsoil of the CIS member states for 2021-2025.

It is supposed that the execution of the Plan will promote deepening of cooperation on the issues of geological mapping with the use of new information technologies.

The next meeting of the Commission is scheduled for December 14, 2022.

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