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Turkmenistan export to Azerbaijan is equal to over 42 thousand tons

Turkmenistan export to Azerbaijan is equal to over 42 thousand tons

Turkmenistan in January-August 2022 exported more than 42 thousand 831.33 tons of AI-92 gasoline to Azerbaijan. It was reported to the “Interfax-Azerbaijan” agency by the Government of the country.

The Turkmen AI-92 gasoline exports to Azerbaijan during the period amounted to nearly 49 million 597.21 thousand US dollars.

Turkmenistan is the second largest supplier of this fuel to the neighboring country after Russia. From Russia was imported 73.5% of total import of the automobile gasoline AI-92 or 150 thousand 7.94 tons amounted 166 million 605.8 thousand US dollars.

In January–August 2022, Azerbaijan imported more than 198 thousand 790.13 tons of AI-92 gasoline, which is increased by 39.8 times that at the same period last year.

In value terms, the volume of AI-92 gasoline imports amounted to more than 223 million 456.8 thousand dollars, which increased by 93.6 times compared to the same period last year.

It should be noted that AI-92 gasoline is produced in Azerbaijan only at Baku refinery named after Heydar Aliyev. By a decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan, from February 1, 2022, to June 1, 2022, the customs duties for the import of gasoline AI-95 and AI-92 were reduced from 15% to almost zero percent.

Moreover, Azerbaijan in January – August 2022 imported from Turkmenistan 8 thousand 196.25 tons of automobile gasoline of Premium Euro-95 brand for the amount of 7 million 747.05 thousand US dollars.

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